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Tips for Choosing Sunglasses to Fit Your Outfit

Do you ever feel that your outfit is incomplete without wearing sunglasses? Shades have been the staple day-time accessory as it offers maximum protection against the sun and can also elevate even the simplest clothes. Apart from your face shape, it is also necessary to consider your accessories and overall attire when opting for the right sunnies. Luckily, you are in for a treat as this blog is your guide in shopping for the perfect pair that will suit your style.

Complete Your Look: Tips for Choosing Sunglasses

Street Style​

This ragged-inspired outfit usually includes baggy pants, a blazer/sweater/oversized jacket, and sneakers/heels. This creative combination has been making waves due to its comfy yet stylish look; ergo this must be paired with a sunwear that will take your look to the next level. When matching them with sunglasses, you can choose between square, round, and rectangular frames to complement the outfit and give you an edgy vibe. 

You may also try on shades with eccentric designs since this will highlight the unique style you are going for. However, it’s also essential to consider how your favorite pair will work with other accessories you are wearing. For instance, Tips for choosing sunglasses, a silver necklace or hoop earrings is best worn with silver sunnies because this will create a more cohesive approach.
Shields SH2271 Sunglasses with tinted lenses in stainless steel frames for women
EO Shields SH2206 Sunglasses with tinted lenses in acetate frames for women

Summer Outfits

Whether you’re wearing a cute summer dress or a casual shirt and shorts combo while strolling along the beach or enjoying the warm weather in the city, a stylish pair of sunglasses can add a touch of sophistication and flair to your outfit. The best pair for this wardrobe would be oval or square sunnies since this will surely accentuate your style. You may also wear frames with colorful Tortoiseshell designs for a more fashionable final look.
EO Sunwear Cosmopolitan Foldable Sunglasses with Polarized lenses for men and women
EO Shields SH2217 Sunglasses with tinted lenses in acetate frames

Casual Attire

A T-shirt and jeans are the to-go outfits for lazy days. However, you can still elevate this no-fail comfort style by accessorizing it with oversized round, square, or geometric-shaped shades, adorned with unique details and vibrant hues. These playful twists will add a touch of personality to your laid-back look.
EO Shields SH2220 Sunglasses for men and women
EO Shields SH2252 sunglasses for men and women

Business Attire

Looking to exude confidence and sophistication in your corporate outfit? When wearing a business suit or a power dress, finish this look by pairing it with a set of modern-classic sunnies, such as a pair of elegant cat-eye sunwear in silhouette lenses. If you’re feeling bold, experiment with a pair of round shades with black tinted lenses to add a touch of edginess to your ensemble.
EO Shields SH2208 Sunglasses for men and women
EO Shields SH2272 sunglasses for men and women


Looking for an athleisure inspired look that you can rock both on and off the playing field? Why not try pairing your favorite cycling shorts or tracksuits with a chic pair of sunwear? For a touch of classic cool, consider completing your look with a pair of Aviator sunnies with oversized or avant-garde design frames and colored lenses. This winning combination is perfect for showcasing your sporty vibe while also staying stylish and comfortable.
EO Shields SH2250 sunglasses for men and women
EO Shields SH2263 sunglasses for men and women

Dressing up is a fun way to express yourself because this will allow you to showcase your personality using a piece of clothing; wherefore matching your outfit with sunglasses can be a game changer, and that is why it is necessary to wear sunnies that won’t only suit your style but will also bring out the confidence in you. Remember, the number one rule in fashion is to wear what will make you feel great.

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