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UV Blocker Contact Lenses: The Eye Protection that you Need

What do you typically do to protect yourself from the sunlight? It’s evident that sunblock is the ultimate shield, but were you aware that it can also affect your eyes?

Regrettably, prolonged exposure to the sun can harm your eyes and potentially lead to serious consequences, including light sensitivity, cataracts, and blurred vision.

Fortunately, sunglasses can easily prevent such issues by effectively shielding your eyes from excessive sun exposure. However, did you know there’s a hassle-free alternative? Introducing UV-blocker contact lenses.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of contact lenses with UV blockers and their different types.

What are UVA, UVB and UVC rays?

UVA, UVB, and UVC rays are three different types of energies referred to as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, normally seen as sunlight. Despite their similar abilities to damage skin cells’ DNA, they still have differences. 

UVA is predominantly linked to skin aging, while UVB is primarily responsible for sunburn and the onset of eye conditions such as cataracts, eye cancer, eye growths, and Photokeratitis.

In contrast, UVC is typically encountered in human-made sources like tanning beds and mercury lamps. Prolonged exposure to UVC from these sources can result in skin burns.

What is a UV blocker contact lens?

Unlike eyeglasses and sunglasses, the eye contact lens is specially designed to reduce sunlight exposure, which may seep in through the sides and penetrate your retina. The retina, a delicate, light-sensitive layer of nervous system tissue, allows light to pass through it.

The different types of UV-blocking lenses:


Hydrogel clear contact lenses feature a thicker texture, making them more visible in the container. They are also composed of a soft silicone material with a 47% water content, allowing your eyes to breathe and ensuring comfort even during extended periods of contact lens wear.

Hydrogel Contact Lenses
Clear contact lens


Vision is a disposable UV blocking clear contact lens with a one-month modality protecting eyes against sunlight. Vision’s soft, tinted, breathable, and easy-to-apply qualities make it the perfect choice for a more convenient contact lens experience.


Vision Contact Lens
Vision - Clear Contact Lens


Flexwear Adore is more than just your typical shield, as it enhances your eyes’ natural color, giving you that irresistible charm. Available in various colors such as chestnut charm, azure, mulberry, amber, brown charm, shadow, super black, ocean, Persia, and basil.
Adore is a soft contact lens with a 12-month modality and a UV-blocking feature that protects the eyes against the transmission of harmful UV radiation to the cornea and into your eye.



Contact Lens - Adore
a model wearing adore contact lens


Freshlens contact lenses, with a six-month modality, are perfectly described as “fresh eyes.” They not only provide UV protection for the eyes but also offer a soft texture and come in neutral colors like aqua, blue, brown, green, gray, hazel, sapphire, and violet, subtly enhancing the appearance of your iris. With Freshlens, you can enjoy comfort, protection, and beauty all in one wear, giving you a modern and youthful look.


freslens contact lens
a model wearing adore freslens contact lens

What are the other benefits of contact lenses?

Contact lenses will beautify your eyes, but these may also correct vision problems caused by refractive errors, and this matter occurs mainly because the eyes fail to refract and focus. Examples of these vision issues caused by refractions are Myopia, Hyperopia, Presbyopia, and Astigmatism.

Nowadays, many people prioritize protecting their skin from harmful UV rays, but often overlook the importance of shielding their eyes. The eyes are one of the most exposed parts of the body and require maximum protection to prevent long-term damage.

Shop your shade through our various selections, available in different colors and grades. You are one tap away from protecting your eyes and achieving subtle yet dreamy eyes. Do not forget to add the solution to your cart as it lubricates, disinfects, and removes proteins and deposits that may cause eye infections.

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