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Frequently Asked Questions

Orders and Shipping
Can I cancel my order?

The action cannot be done via our website, but we are currently working on it so we may provide more convenience for our beloved customers. In the meantime, you may contact our CES team for cancellation through this email customerservice@eo-executiveoptical.com.

How many days does it take before the item/s arrived?

Delivery usually takes two to three days, but this will vary depending on your location. You may refer to the following:

  • 1 – 3 Business Days – Metro Manila
  • 3 – 5 Business Days – Luzon
  • 5 – 7 Business Days – Visayas
  • 7 – 10 Business Days – Mindanao
Will there be a shipping fee?
Yes. The cost will vary depending on your location and prices may change from time to time.
Metro manila: P100
Outside metro manila: P200
Is it possible to replace/edit my order once I check out?
It is possible, but this action cannot be done via our website. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Although you may contact our CES team through this email customerservice@eo-executiveoptical.com. They will be happy to assist you regarding your query.
Will there be a minimum number of orders before you ship the items?

There will be no minimum orders needed.

Do you do deliveries nationwide?

Yes. We do deliveries nationwide.

Is it possible to buy online and pick up the item in my chosen branch?
Yes. You may purchase online and pick up the item in your chosen EO store. If you prefer faster dispatch and same-day delivery, you may choose a courier, such as J&T, Angkas, Lalamove, and Grabexpress.
What style of eyewear will you suggest?

The style of the frame will depend on your face shape. Please see image below.

Perfect Pair when choosing Eyeglasses - Face Shape
What are the various types of lenses?
An anti-rad lens

Anti-rad eyeglasses protect the eyes from harmful Blue light and radiation emitted from screens such as computers and cellular phones, which may cause eye fatigue and eye dryness in the long run.

Multi-coated lens
This type of lens is a combination of Anti-Glare, Scratch Resistant, and UV light protection “coating”.
Anti- Glare: Consists of anti-reflective coating that removes unnecessary reflection, which may cause discomfort.
Scratch Resistant: Consist of a hard coated layer that will help minimize scratches.
UV light protection: Protect eyes against the harmful sunlight, which prevents corneal damage, cataracts and macular degeneration from occurring.

This lens contains a special component that blocks harmful Blue light that comes from computers and other gadgets, which decreases visual, and causes eyestrain.

Photochromic lens

The Photochromic lens is perfect for people who enjoy outdoor activities. This lens blocks UV light rays and automatically darkens when exposed to UV light.

Polarized lens

Provides clearer vision, especially in bright lights, which made this perfect for outdoor activities

Is it possible to have Anti-Rad, multicoated and graded lenses at the same time?

Yes, it is possible. Please take note that this will have an additional fee. Visit an EO branch near you, consult our eye care specialist, and customize your eyeglasses. For a more convenient process, you may consult with our customer service team through this email customerservice@eo-executiveoptical.com. They will discuss the full details with you and address your queries.

How much are the graded eyeglasses?

We offer a complete eyeglasses package starting at P795. The price may change depending on your eyegrade. For more accurate consultations and fittings, we advise you to visit any of our EO branches and have your eyes checked by our licensed Optometrist.

How much is your lens upgrade?
This will depend on the type of lens. Ergo, read the following price list below.
BRC UV420- 1,490
Photochromic lens-1, 980
The prices may change due to discounts and promotions
What is the proper way to clean and maintain eyeglasses?
  • The eyeglasses should be cleaned at least every one to two days.
  • Apply a small amount of Prosben lens cleaner on a cotton or microfiber cloth and proceed to wiping both sides of the lenses. You may also check EO’s Prosben lens cleaner.
  • Store your eyewear in its case to prevent scratches and damages.
Do you accept lens replacement?

Yes. Although, all frames owned by our patients will be subjected to evaluation first.Contact the customer service or visit any of the EO branches.

What are the types of contact lenses you have?

EO offers soft clear and colored contact lenses that are safe, comfortable and available in various hues.

Would it be possible to order contact lenses with different grades?

No. We do not allow the purchase of contact lenses with different grades via a website or other online shops. Although, we allow this type of request if you will purchase the said item in any of the EO stores or contact our CES team.

How to take care and properly wear contact lenses?
The proper wear to clean and handle contact lens
  • Proper handling may avoid eye infections. Follow these instructions for safer contact lens usage
  • Trim your nails before handling the contact lens
  • Clean your hands before touching your contact lens
  • Disinfect your contact lens and case
  • Never use expired contacts, solutions, or tap water
  • Rinse lens with solution every after removal
The proper way to wear contact lens
  • Remove excess solution in contact lenses before usage
  • Rub the contact lens in a circular motion for 20 seconds
  • Place the contact lens on the tip of your index finger
  • Check if the contact lens has scratches, damage, stains, and dirt
  • Find the right side of the contact lens before wearing it. Make sure that it is in a bowl shape to avoid discomfort
  • Hold your upper eyelid with your index finger, then hold the lower eyelid down with your other free hand
  • Insert the lens carefully into your cornea
  • Blink after the insertion of the contact lens and make sure that its position is correct
Do you have a contact lens for Astigmatism?

Yes. The price starts at P3,580. Although, the only contact lens available for Astigmatism is clear.

Would it be possible to have graded contact lenses?

Yes. This is possible.

Do you offer freebies?

We only offer one free 60 ml solution if you purchase at least one of our contact lenses with a one-year modality.

Is it possible to book an appointment online?

Yes. Look for the book appointment below the Help section and click it, or you may click this link instead. Proceed with filling out the necessary information before booking.

How much is the eye check-up at EO?

EO offers free check-ups in all branches nationwide.

What are the modes of payment?
We have the following online banking and affiliated banks that will make transactions more convenient for you.
COD – Cash On Delivery
Do you accept installment payment?

Yes. We accept 3-month and 6-month credit card installments with 0% interest. Although, the minimum purchase of installment must be P3,000.

Do you accept bank deposits?

Yes we do. You may process this through BDO E-pay.

What will be the process just in case my payment didn't go through?

Contact us through any of these mobile numbers (0969-301-2955), (0995-362-9607),(0927-039-6941),(0956-601-7643),(0995-362-9583). We will process your order manually, and you may pay us through G cash or QR code.

What is the offline payment process/manual transaction?

Contact us through any of these mobile numbers (0969-301-2955), (0995-362-9607),(0927-039-6941),(0956-601-7643),(0995-362-9583). We will process your order manually, and you may pay us through G cash or QR code.

What insurances/HMO do you accept?
We accept HMOs from major providers. Please note that EO will only accept your HMO if your company is associated with insurances affiliated with us. To check if your company and HMO provider is eligible, you may email our CES team through customerservice@eo-executiveoptical.com.
EO will ask you to provide your company/valid ID or BIR form.
Do you offer gift cards and vouchers?

We offer vouchers on selected items, but this will change from-time-to time. Discounts and special offers may vary depending on the occasion, event, and monthly promotions. Visit the EO website regularly and check out the latest news regarding package deals, discounts, and gift cards.

You may refer to this link.
Do you offer a warranty?
EO aims to provide convenience, and that is why the company offers these warranties. Please see below:
EO eyewear and Seen: One year warranty.
International brands, All complete eyeglasses at P 1,799 and below: Three to six months warranty.
I forgot my password. What shall I do?

Click the forgot password and proceed with the reset process.

Can I talk to an agent/customer service?
Yes. You may contact us through our Customer Service Hotline (0915496-5438), (0995-362-9583), (0995-362-9607), (0927-039-6941), (0915-496-5438), (0956-601-7643) and (0923-724-2297).
You may also send us an email here in customerservice@eo-executiveoptical.com.
Is it possible to book an online appointment for eye check up?

Yes. just click this link() and fill up the necessary details.

Will it be possible to send an item as a gift?
Yes. You may contact the CES and they will process the courier for you.
Please take note that EO won’t provide gift wraps or paper bags.
Customer service hours
Mon- Fri from: 7am to 7pm
Sat: 8am to 5pm
Click this link. This will redirect you to list of EO Branch.
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