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Choosing Eyeglasses Made Easy: 4 Essential Tips​

EO Executive Optical - Gaisano Capital Danao Branch
Blurry vision is one of the most common eye problems due to excessive exposure to phones and computers, health conditions, namely Diabetes, Hypertension, and Liver disease, or it could also be hereditary. Certain eye conditions may occur, specifically Myopia (nearsightedness) and Hyperopia (farsightedness). It only proves that choosing the correct eyeglasses is necessary because it will provide an affordable solution for ocular problems.

Key Tips for the Perfect Pair when choosing Eyeglasses

Face Shape

Find the right pair for your face shape!

Opting for an inappropriate frame shape can make a huge difference in your appearance; for instance, people with round faces must choose square-framed glasses because this will give the illusion of a slimmer look. For additional tips, please see the image below.
Perfect Pair when choosing Eyeglasses - Face Shape

Personal Style

As cliche as it may sound, you are what you wear. Therefore, the style you choose must suit and represent your personality. If you are a hippie who prefers casual fashion, go for eyewear with a bold design and color. Whereas people who are into work-wear-inspired attire, the safest option would be the round or square eyeglasses with metal frames because this style is cool and classy without being loud.

The model is wearing the Principal in S. Rose Gold. This eyewear is perfect for minimalist yet chic attire.
The model is wearing the EO eyewear clip-on. This eyewear is perfect for your office attire or outdoor shopping OOTD.

Aside from your style, it is also necessary to consider your skin tone. Learning about your skin type isn’t exclusive to makeup alone because this perk will help you select an excellent pair. For example, people with fair skin will look good wearing eyeglasses of bold colors, such as red.

The purpose of the guideline is to help you look for a spec that will compliment your complexion, and this does not implicate that options are limited if you have Tan, Black, or White skin.

Check out the images below.

Reasons for Purchasing

For starters, why do you need glasses? Check whether you are experiencing eye issues such as blurry vision, fuzziness, eyestrain, and distorted eyesight. It could also be because you would like to protect your eyes from Blue light and UV rays. If this is the reason, then anti-rad glasses will work for you.

More than the style, eyeglass wearers must consult a licensed and expert eyecare specialist. An optometrist assesses eye problems by carefully conducting an eye exam, prescribing the correct lenses, and determining the lenses’ thickness based on your eye grade. 

One more example would be the possibility of having astigmatism, as it is one of the most common eye problems that people experience. You may book an eye check-up with any of our branches to help you find effective corrective lenses.
Tips for the Perfect Pair when choosing Eyeglasses - Reasons for Purchasing


It’s not enough that you have ticked off the three tips mentioned above because you must come up with a realistic budget. In this case, you are probably wondering why other frames are more expensive than others.
Shopping for eyewear is overwhelming; therefore, it is a good thing that Executive Optical got it covered by offering a wide variety of good-quality eyewear essentials that will match the wearers’ style, face shape, eye condition, and skin tone without compromising their budget.
From offering eyeglasses with simple features, Executive Optical has improved its products by introducing eyewear with replaceable and multicoated lenses (scratch-resistant, anti-glare, UV protection) to kids, adults, and seniors starting at ₱795. EO sells a wide variety of classic and timeless eyewear built of various material compositions, including eco-friendly acetate materials, wood, plastic, and metal.
Tips for the Perfect Pair when choosing Eyeglasses - Budget
One of the best products that EO has is the EO Eyewear and SEEN collection, and this is because of their excellent features, such as titanium frames, acetate sleeves, and multicoated lenses. One thing is for sure, EO specs provide comfort, style, and protection in one frame.
Executive Optical is also equipped with other eyewear essentials when choosing eyeglasses, such as stylish fashion sunglasses and colored contact lenses that enhance your eyes’ natural colors. To sum it up, determine your face shape, personal style, skin tone, and eye condition, and allocate a budget before hitting the store for more convenient shopping.
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