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How Often Should You Replace Your Eyeglass Lens Prescription?

Replace Your Eyeglass Lens

Are you contemplating the ideal moment to invest in new eyeglass lenses? Whether it’s been months or even years since your last purchase, the question of whether your current pair still serves you well or needs an upgrade may be on your mind. If you want to know whether your lenses are still great or how often should you replace eyeglass lens? continue reading. 

You may need to update your prescription every six months to one year, focusing on the eye grade alone. However, this timeframe is also contingent on the condition of your lenses and other eye problems. For example, if your eyewear is scratched or if you’re experiencing symptoms like squinting and dryness, it may be necessary to promptly visit an eye doctor and replace the lenses.

Listed below are the potential reasons to replace eyeglass lens:


numerous factors that cause headaches- Replace Your Eyeglass Lens

There are numerous factors that cause headaches, whether it has something to do with stress, lack of sleep, etc. However, undiagnosed nearsightedness and farsightedness could be a huge factor why people feel this way, and that is why it would be best to seek help from a trusted and licensed optometrist that may prescribe you with the right lenses appropriate for your new eye grade.

Blurry Vision

A magnifiying glass - Replace Your Eyeglass Lens

“I just had my eye checked a year ago and wore the glasses the doctor recommended. So why has my eye prescription increased again?” Many people are curious about why their eyesight keeps getting worse even when they try to take care of their eyes.

Although aging can play a role, one of the main reasons for the ongoing deterioration of your eyesight is the exposure to UV rays from the sun and screens like phones and laptops. This is particularly true because you tend to blink less when you’re focused on screens, which leads to the swelling of cornea.

Eye Fatigue

Eye Fatigue - Replace Your Eyeglass Lens

Sometimes eyes can feel sore and this causes you to have a hard time opening them. Eye strain may stem from working too hard or reading in low light, which causes double vision, dryness, and difficulty in focusing. 

The thing is, your eyes are needed in almost everything that you do, whether that is reading, driving, walking, watching, etc. Therefore, it’s only normal that they tire easily. Remember, a simple sign like this is already an indication to replace your lenses before it gets worse. 


Squinting - Replace Your Eyeglass Lens

Have you ever squinted just so you can see something clearly? Strabismus or squinting of eyes is a condition wherein the eyes don’t align properly. Genetics can be one of the causes but most of the time this happens when refractive errors occur.

Len Scratches

The most common reason to change your lenses as this may affect clarity in the long run. This usually happens since we always wear our eyeglasses, making them susceptible to wear and tear. Taking good care of your lenses can help prevent this issue, but if they are too damaged, it’s smarter to replace your glasses instead.

Proper Lens Care

For lens care, ensure you invest in a high-quality spray and wiper. Consider using the  eyeglass anti-fog pray and eyeglass lens cleaner spray. Both include a clear pouch and a recycled microfiber cleaning cloth for convenience and effective cleaning.

EO eyeglass anti-fog lens cleaner - Replace Your Eyeglass Lens Prescription

You can always find good-quality eyeglasses with upgraded lenses here in Executive Optical. From good-quality sunwear to eyewear, contact lenses and lens care accessories, you can be assured that EO offers nothing but the best. 

Anti fog spray - Replace Your Eyeglass Lens Prescription

Types of Lenses To Choose From

Multicoated lenses- are scratch resistant, anti-glare, UV protection and blue lens 420. 

Anti-rad lenses- filter out harmful amounts of blue light and reduce visual fatigue.

Photochromic lenses- Lens that automatically darkens when exposed to UV light

and provides 100% UVA & UVB protection

Visit any of our EO branches to have your eyes checked for free. In addition to this, our licensed and trusted Optometrists will guide you in choosing the perfect pair and lenses. Today, EO provides numerous types of lenses such as multicoated, photochromic and polarized. With Executive Optical, your eyes are in good hands. 

Love Your Eyes


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