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Tips & Tricks on How to Find Lost Glasses

A woman searching for her eyeglasses - Tips on How to Find Lost Glasses

What’s annoying about wearing glasses is losing them easily, especially if you’re not careful. You take them off momentarily to powder your face or catch on some sleep. But the next thing you know, they’re gone! You then start your search for your lost glasses with blurry vision. 

We’ve all been there at least once. So, you’re probably here to find solutions to stop misplacing your eyeglasses. Lucky for you, we have tips and tricks ready. Thus, read on to ensure you’ll never lose them again. 

How to find your glasses fast

Okay, you lost your glasses. It’s another endless scrambling around with difficulty. But worry not! You can look for them with much ease with these three tips:

  • Remain calm – Your instinct is probably to panic, but maintaining composure is best.
  • Retrace your steps – Try to backtrack. Think about all the places you went or possible areas you left your glasses.
  • Search common areas – Go to places you frequent — in your bedroom, at a nearby café, or near your workstation.

Pro Tip: You can use your smartphone’s camera to look around if your nearsightedness is getting in the way of your search. Take advantage of its zoom feature as you look through the screen to locate your glasses.

Where to find lost glasses

Now that you know the first things to do, it’ll be easier to look for them. But it’s not always easy to know where to start, so here are suggestions for where to begin your search.

Tables, counters, or desks

Were you working so hard that you forgot you left your specs on your work files? Or perhaps you took them off while studying a recipe you’ve always wanted to try. Check surfaces where you can leave them.

Pockets and bags

Poke in your pocket or bag, as your glasses might be hidden at the bottom. You can use your phone’s flashlight to help you see the inside of your bag better. You might have also left them hanging in your shirt or pants pockets. 

On your head

An automatic response for some of us is to rest glasses on our heads when we take them off. Give your head a little tap to check if they’re sitting there. But a little reminder — it’s not advisable to do this as it leads to your glasses misaligning.

Tips to prevent misplacing glasses

Phew! Don’t lose them again now that you found them! But thankfully, there are surefire ways you can do to avoid experiencing the hassle of blindly scrambling everywhere.

Provide them with a home 

Make it a habit to keep your glasses in a case whenever you take them off. Do you know what else they can do than keep them from tumbling around your bag or getting lost somewhere in your house? Storing them in a case is a way to prevent scratches on your lenses

Sunglasses Eyeglass Cords

Give eyeglasses cords a try

Taking your glasses on and off seems natural when you’re always on the go. The problem is that it’s easier to misplace them. Putting an eyeglass cord on them is a good classic trick to ensure they stay near you whenever you take them off.

Get a backup pair

One easy way to ensure you’ll always have vision correction is to own more than one pair of specs. You can put off searching for your lost glasses until you have the time. Also, think about switching things up in style!

If you did all of the following and still lost your glasses, it’s time to order a new one from EO-Executive Optical. You can find your new favorite pair with our wide selection of products. We have every eyewear accessory to keep your glasses safe and sound—from cases to cords!

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