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How Children Can Prevent Eye Damage from Sun Exposure

a kid wearing sunglasses

According to a Lighthouse Guild study, children’s eyes allow 70% more sunlight to enter compared to adults. This means they are more prone to photophobia — a condition that causes discomfort or pain in the eyes due to light exposure. Why is this the case? The lens, one of the most crucial parts of the eye, plays a significant role in filtering light. Unfortunately, children’s lenses are not yet fully developed, making them more susceptible to sunlight exposure. In addition, just like adults, children may also be at risk for sunburned corneas, eyelid cancer, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

Can these risks be mitigated? The answer is yes. Below are several things you can do to prevent these conditions from developing or worsening.


Limit Their Stay Under The Sun

Playing outside and enjoying fun activities while the sun is out is healthy not just for adults, but for kids too, as it provides essential Vitamin D. However, it’s important to limit exposure because too much sun can cause serious damage to your child’s eyes and skin. Keep in mind that the ideal time for sun exposure is either early morning or late in the afternoon.

Hats and Umbrella

The Philippines is experiencing warm and dry weather due to El Niño, which is expected to last until the 24th of May. Given these conditions, it’s crucial to be extra cautious about your child’s welfare when staying outside. Make sure to prepare necessary items they might need outdoors, such as umbrellas or hats. Since there will be activities requiring them to stay outside their classrooms, it’s best to keep them protected from potential sun damage.


Regular Eye Check-up

A frequent visit to an eye clinic is a good way to avoid serious eye conditions. The eyes are one of the most exposed parts of the body, and that is why it is prone to infections and sun damage. It is advisable to have your kid’s eyes checked at least every year because this may help detect early signs of eye concerns, which could be prevented before it gets worse. 

Wear Sunglasses

Do kids need to wear sunglasses? Of course, they do! Wearing tinted sunglasses is essential in blocking UV light and blue light, which is the root cause of eye damage. Plus, less glare and better visibility during their outdoor activities, allow them to focus more. 

The sun is omnipresent, and children playing outside and enjoying nature is an inevitable part of their growth. Remember, it is your responsibility to keep them safe, not just from possible injuries but also from health risks.

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