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The Beauty of Both City and Beach Life

Where do you want to live?

a city with a beach back ground

The cozy yet calming vibe of the beach, where you can hear the sound of waves crashing under the blue sky while your feet sink into the sand, or the busy life of the city, filled with bustling streets, vibrant nightlife, high-rise buildings, fast cars, and sparkling lights— which of these is your ideal place to stay?



The land of opportunities


Living in a rural area is a dream for some because it speaks of luxury and endless possibilities. Imagine living in a place where everything you need is just within reach, including coffee shops, grocery stores, fine dining restaurants, huge parks, movie theaters, and luxury hotels.

Why do people prefer settling in cities?

Opportunities and Career Growth

If you think that those tall buildings with sparkling lights, serving as stars in the dark, are only there for aesthetics, think again. Inside these giant infrastructures are companies that provide various jobs and career opportunities to people from all walks of life.

Different Cultures

Living in a city is like going abroad; you’ll surely meet people from different nationalities, thereby opening your door to a more diverse experience. Bumping into a stranger can be an exhilarating experience, especially when it exposes us to other races and introduces us to their culture, food, and beliefs.

Easy Transportation

The city is the most crowded place in every country, with roads filled with cars and people lining up at terminals and bus lanes hoping to make it to their jobs. Therefore, it is no surprise that urban areas, such as Metro Manila, are buzzing with various types of transportation, including buses, motorcycles, Grab, taxis, the MRT, and jeepneys.

Fast-Paced Lifestyle and Entertainment

In the city, everything moves quickly. People dash to grab a cup of joe before their job interviews, and everyone seems to be in a constant rush to make their next meeting. After a hectic day at the office, there’s often a hurried stop at the grocery store before it closes. Indeed, the whole city oozes with people juggling endless errands and responsibilities. 

One of the best ways to end a long, tiring day is to visit a bar or restaurant where you can enjoy your comfort beverages or meals while sharing your problems with friends. You may also relieve your stress by watching the latest movie in theaters equipped with high-tech chairs and top-quality speakers. Cities truly have everything you could ever need.


A sanctuary space


Life at the beach is considered a paradise for some. This is where people unwind, away from the buzzing noise of the city. You can hear the relaxing sounds of the waves as they hit the shore while staring at the blue sky and feeling the sunlight glimmer on your tanned skin. It is also in this place where you can wear the sexiest or even the most comfortable bikini, and no one will judge you for it.

Why do some prefer a quiet life at the beach?

Improves Mental Health

Following the same routine every day can lead to burnout. This doesn’t necessarily mean you hate your current job or life, but a change of scenery can be a refreshing way to relax, especially at the beach. Surrounding yourself with nature has been shown to help reduce stress levels. Additionally, exposure to sunlight can boost your Vitamin D intake, an essential nutrient that may help prevent depression.

Fresh Food Every Day

One of the best perks of living beside the ocean is that everything is fresher and often cheaper compared to the city. Imagine enjoying a freshly caught lobster at an affordable price. Say goodbye to frozen goods and hello to fresh ones!

Active Lifestyle

There are tons of activities you can enjoy at the beach, such as surfing, swimming, wakeboarding, kayaking, and scuba diving. No matter how lazy you are, you’ll be tempted to try these activities since there’s not much else to do, which is excellent for your fitness journey.

Boosts Creativity

Beaches are a top choice for anyone looking to declutter their thoughts. Additionally, research suggests that the ocean’s blue hue helps people feel safer and more relaxed, which can help boosts creativity.

It doesn’t matter where you settle down because whether you are at the beach or in the city, you’ll surely have the time of your life. Although both environments are different, they share a common denominator: the sun. Sunlight is especially omnipresent in the Philippines, so what better way to protect your eyes from it than with sunglasses? Always wear your favorite daytime accessory wherever you go.

Explore the city wearing puff sleeves and slacks paired with your stylish sun shield.


Imagine yourself wearing a sleeveless top and a pencil skirt, finished off with a pair of clear frames.

cat eye

Spice up your swimsuit by wearing this pair of rectangle Shields sunglasses.


You may also try this stylish pair of yellow sunnies that will go well with your bucket hat.

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