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How to prevent scratches in lenses?

Tips in maintaining your eyeglasses

Tips to maintain eyeglasses to prevent scratches

Have you ever wondered why your eyeglasses lenses are still blurry despite constant cleaning? This usually happens when the lenses are scratched due to accidental drops and careless handling. It can be a huge problem in the long run since this may affect vision. 

These are the following tips on  how to prevent scratches in lenses, keeping it looking brand new. 

Remove the eyeglasses properly

It is important to remember that taking off glasses must be done properly. Start by holding both of the eyewear’s temples before removing them because removing your eyewear from your face by handling its lenses may damage them.

Invest in a hard case

It is essential to store your eyeglasses in a spectacle case when not in use, as this helps prevent further breakage and scratches. The case’s interior is also made of materials that are safe and won’t cause damage to the lenses.

Do not polish your lenses

Polishing scratches off your lenses may cause more damage, as it can make the lenses rougher and marked-up. Additionally, it’s important to avoid using rough cloths like towels when cleaning them to prevent scratches.

Rinse before wiping

Washing your lenses with lukewarm water removes abrasive particles that can scratch them, making this step necessary before wiping them off with a clean cloth.

Use a professional cleaning tool

It’s crucial to use the right cleaning materials for your lenses. Opt for a microfiber cloth specifically designed for lenses. Additionally, consider investing in a lens spray, which effectively removes dust and small particles, thereby preventing aggressive wiping.

Regular maintenance

Prevent further damage to your lenses through regular maintenance. Visit the nearest optical clinic and have your eyeglasses checked by a licensed optometrist. At Executive Optical, we offer free check-ups at all our branches nationwide. We also provide a range of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and lenses with optimum scratch protection should you wish to upgrade.

Pink Eyeglass Case

For easy eyewear maintenance, consider our EO Prosben Lens Cleaner Set. This package includes a 30ml clear bottle with anti-reflective and static liquid, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a multi-function screwdriver with a keyring.

Lens Cleaner in gray background

Wait! There’s more…..

You may also try the EO Eyeglass Anti-fog Lens Cleaner Spray. Specifically crafted into a convenient spray for easy cleaning. In addition to this, its formula  helps easily remove smudges and any lingering residues on your eyewear.

Lens Cleaner Spray in yellow background

Prevent your eyeglasses from scratches and other damages by keeping them safe inside our cute cases, available in various colors. 

Check out these stylish cords that are designed to prevent your eyeglasses and sunglasses from falling or misplacements. 

A women wearing accessories with yellow background

Don’t forget to visit any of our branches for your regular eye-check up and eyewear maintenance. 

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