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Exploring the Colors of Love Through Various Frames

Seeing Love With More Clarity

mom and dad

Love makes the world go round. It adds color and meaning to our lives, making existing more enjoyable. Can you imagine living where your loved ones don’t exist? Neither can we.

We bet you were the receiver and the giver of the words “I love you” at least once in your life. Although this phrase holds deep affection towards the receiver, it carries various intensities depending on the intention. 

But let us ask you: What comes to mind when you see the word “love”? Commonly, people associate it with the romantic kind because of its massive media exposure. However, other forms also exist that are just as important. So, read on to better appreciate the dearest people in your life and see love with better clarity.  

Loving You Is Red — Burning Red

Think about that person walking into the room and filling the space with that sweet scent of love. You lock eyes with them and share a smile. And just like that, the world temporarily stills, your heart rate increases, fireworks erupt, and butterflies invade your body.

Ah, love is definitely in the air. Romantic love is something anyone who’s ever been smitten knows — it’s also everywhere! Artists use it as their subject to create songs, books, and movies. It fills your heart with passion that sweeps you off your feet. Thus, the intense feelings in romance relate to the boldness of the color red. 

The EO Eyewear Oubre

Boost that loving feeling with fancy red eyeglasses that double as sunglasses. The EO Eyewear Oubre adds a timeless charm to your look, reeling in your partner even more! It’s the perfect date essential, especially during early morning drives and museum trips. Add sparkle to your eyes with its cat-eye and geometric design. End the date gazing at the stars! Simply remove the clip-on sunglasses to see the starry night and your partner’s loving gaze without the blur.

Adoring Your Sun-Filled Presence

Have you ever met someone you instantly clicked with? There’s an undeniable connection with that person who completes your sentences, has the same thoughts, and shares similar interests. It’s like having another you in another person. Plus, you feel comfortable enough around their presence that you don’t have to turn around to cry. Being vulnerable isn’t an issue because you know your friend understands.  

Oh, the joy of a platonic love. If they were a color, they would be yellow, providing you with friendship, energy, and happiness. They uplift you and give that extra cheer in your life. See your friend’s contagious smile better with EO Eyewear Valle. It has that classic square shape you love, with soft nose pads and acetate temple tips to ensure ultimate comfort. It’s also sturdy and lightweight! 

EO Eyewear Valle

Wear it with you on your friendly dates. Don’t you love to have something to rely on your vision while you have someone to share fun moments with? Show better appreciation to your favorite buddy with clarity like no other. Now, off you go to another deep talk session over coffee!

The Calm in the Storm

Did you know that you get your first acts of love from your family? No matter how old you are, nothing beats your mother’s care, especially when feeling sick. You love it when your dad takes you to late-night drive-throughs to buy your midnight snack cravings. Despite losing every match, game nights are more enjoyable with your older brother. Shopping for skincare is the best weekend activity with your sister. Playing catch with the youngest takes all your stress away.

A long, tiring day at school or work goes once you sit down during a family dinner. You see everything as a blur outside because of how everything is fast-paced. Thus, being in a place where you can relax helps your eyes adjust to the high-intensity outside world. The color green reminds you to slow down and spend time with the people who matter.

EO Newbury NEW2214 eyeglasses

The EO Newbury NEW2214 eyeglasses have that modern-retro statement, giving off a more casual look. It’s the ideal eyewear during family bonding time, as it’s lightweight and comfortable with soft nose pads. Wear it to remind you to look back — and that you have a family to go home to when the world feels a little too much.

Love Knows No Limits

Selfless and unconditional — it’s the kind of love everyone wants. But, if you look around, you’ll realize you experience it, too. Think about your go-to song while appreciating a picturesque sunset or the smell of freshly baked cookies and how they taste when dipped in milk. Picture laughing without end over memes you love during breaks or how you enjoy the sound of the rain at night. Agape isn’t only related to faith. It’s also a universal love we feel for the world.  

The color pink reminds you of how love feels like — tender and compassionate, yet fearless and strong. Plus, it has an undeniable charm you can’t resist! The EO Inwear INW2269 glasses will give you exactly that vibe. It also has a wide nose bridge, soft nose pads, and acetate temple tips to maintain comfort throughout a day full of activities.

EO Inwear INW2269 glasses

It’s time to get back to your hobbies and feel the gentle breeze of the air outside. Take yourself to your favorite pottery class, or invite someone who loves you unconditionally to a nice candlelit dinner. Love is everywhere, so it’s easy to spot. And you deserve a love you don’t have to question.

Not Feeling Blue With You

When was the last time you practiced self-care? Maybe it’s time to enroll in that dance class you’ve been meaning to go to. Allow yourself to eat the slice of tiramisu sitting inside your refrigerator. Buy yourself some flowers just because you can! Practicing self-love is not vanity.

You are your greatest friend, so it’s only right to do things that benefit your well-being. Self-love doesn’t mean putting yourself above all else but acknowledging that you are important, too. It’s about accepting the self with all its flaws, failures, and shortcomings. Thus, blue gives you the push for self-expression, acceptance, and a self-esteem boost you need.

EO Figatti FG22005 eyeglasses

The EO Figatti FG22005 eyeglasses with multicoated lenses are an image of elegance and practicality. Its eco-friendly and bio-acetate frames promise sophistication and comfort. You can enjoy fully expressing yourself, as you can wear this at any event and match it with various outfits. Never mind what other people have to say. Go and do your thing! You are never alone because you are always your own company. Enjoy it.

See love better when you love your eyes! Celebrate this month with a heart filled with appreciation for others and yourself. And remember to say “I love you” to the people who matter. 

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