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Unlocking the Benefits of Wearing Eyeglasses

Beyond Vision Correction

It is widely known that prescription glasses serve as vision correction, addressing astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. Over the years, people have worn eyewear to improve their vision, yet little did they know that it offers much more than that. What other benefits do you think eyeglasses provide aside from sight correction?

Interestingly, here are some other uses of your favorite eyewear.


Have you ever tried chopping onions while wearing eyeglasses? You should, as they can help prevent your eyes from tearing up, acting as a shield. Furthermore, they can also protect your eyes from dust and other debris that may cause discomfort. In addition to this, wind can also cause eye dryness; while it is true that eyeglasses will not completely block it, having a barrier can still prevent the wind from reaching your eyes.

Blue-Light Filtering

With the relentless advancement in technology, it’s no surprise that there has been significant development in eyeglass lenses. Beyond merely correcting refractive errors, they now also protect our eyes from blue light, a type of light that can damage retinal cells and potentially lead to age-related macular degeneration if left unchecked.

Fashion Accessory

Have you noticed that people without any need for vision correction still wear eyeglasses? The answer is simple: for fashion. Eyeglasses are considered a fashion statement because they can elevate an outfit or add an edgy vibe to it. Fortunately, there are numerous styles and shapes to choose from. Whether you’re looking for clear frames, rimless designs, or wide frames, you’ll surely find your desired pair.

Tinted Lenses

The EO Eyewear Oubre

Lenses with tint are excellent for blocking harmful light that causes discomfort or, worse, potential eye diseases. Tinted glasses are also ideal for enhancing contrast and visibility in specific lighting conditions, making it easier to navigate roads while driving or engaging in outdoor activities.

Are you interested in getting your own pair with tinted lenses? Did you know that photochromic lenses darken when exposed to sunlight? That’s right! They offer more than just typical eyewear as they provide versatility, serving as both eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Model: Antonio M. in Rose Gold 

Luckily for you, Executive Optical has them. Whether you’re enjoying outdoor or indoor activities, EO Eyewear with Photochromic lenses has your eyewear needs covered – perfect glasses for men and women. Shop yours now!

If you are looking for something more simple, you may want to consider splurging on EO’s multicoated (scratch resistance, anti-glare, and UV protection) glasses.

It’s also a great idea to accessorize your eyewear with eyeglass cords. This is not limited to keeping the eyeglasses in place but also serves as a fashion statement.

It’s fascinating to see how eyeglasses have evolved over the years. From simple tools used to magnify words to becoming fashionable accessories. Today, eyeglasses not only come in various designs but also feature innovative lenses, such as blue light glasses  and other functionalities that provide great value for your money.

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