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Sunglasses 101: A Guide to Selecting the Best One

Find Your Perfect Match for Sunwear

A flat-lay photo of sunglasses with other accessories.

Going outside in this heat makes wearing sunglasses a necessity, aside from putting sunscreen on and bringing an umbrella. Buying the right shades looks effortless, but there’s a lot of consideration taking place, and it’s not just about choosing which design calls out to you the most.

Don’t spend money on something that won’t last or give protection and benefits. Thus, below are tips for buying sunglasses to save stress and effort.

Maximum Sun Defense

The most important thing to look for is whether the sunglasses you’re eyeing provide enough UV defense. Complete protection from UVB and UVA rays is a way to go when buying sunglasses. Ensure the lenses block up to 400 nanometers of UV wavelengths for happy, healthy eyes.

What’s more, is that sun protectors should block enough light. Why else would you wear them if they can’t shield your eyes from the sun? But don’t worry because there’s a way to know if the sunglasses’ lenses are dark enough. The trick is checking if your eyes are showing through the lens in front of a mirror. If yes, then consider buying a darker pair of shades.

Sunglasses with the sunset in the background.

But be careful! Darker lenses don’t always mean there’s UV protection. Pupils dilate in a dim-lighted room, right? The same goes when wearing sunglasses. So if there’s no defense against sun rays, you put your eyes at risk as more UV rays can enter.

The Bigger, The Better

Who said sunglasses size doesn’t matter? More coverage means more protection! Opt for oversized shades or wraparounds for maximum shield against UV rays entering the eyes.

But never forget also to prioritize comfort, especially when planning on staying long hours under the sun. Don’t risk taking sunglasses off during a beach tanning session just because they’re uncomfortable to wear.

Think About The Color

Now, just because the sunglasses have a striking color doesn’t mean there’s more sun protection. Some hues do give more contrast, such as brown or rose-colored lenses. So, if you’re an athlete or casually play sports, contrast enhancement is helpful in gameplay.

A photo of a woman in a car holding a pair of sunglasses.

A little tip? Opt for gray-colored lenses to reduce brightness without distorting colors. If an enhanced depth perception is essential, then the best choice is amber-colored lenses. Love going out for long drives? Yellow and orange colors cut out reflections and light glares for a safer ride. Time to pack all your favorite snacks and stroll around the city with your friends!

Consider Your Routine

The next thing to consider is lifestyle. Is the goal adding spice to an outfit or a support to outdoor activities? Whatever you require in your daily shades, there are choices that await.

Leading an active lifestyle requires impact-resistant sunglasses to allow enjoyment to the fullest. Polycarbonate plastic materials provide toughness that won’t hinder a gripping game. So, even if a ball hits, it won’t break. And for all the aesthetic queens, sunglasses come in various shapes, sizes, and colors to fit OOTDs. See how innovative sunwear could be?

The question now is where to buy sunglasses that check all the tips above. Luckily, there’s more than just visually pleasing sunwear at EO-Executive Optical, as quality is always top-notch. EO has everything you need, from sports sunglasses and polarized lenses to foldable ones. Their wide selection provides options for daily use. With the right sunglasses, you can maintain the sparkle in your eyes while adding flair to your everyday activities.

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