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Feb-ibig Gift Ideas: Trendy Eyewear and Sunwear for Your Date

Feb-ibig Gift Ideas: Trendy Eyewear and Sunwear for Your Date

Hey there, romantics! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so have you found the perfect present for your sweetheart yet? I’m guessing some of you might go with the usual – namely, chocolates, flowers, and greeting cards? These are great gifts! But what if we tell you we could still spice up these surprises a little by adding trendy eyeglasses and sunglasses to your list?

We know what you are thinking.” Why would I buy specs for Valentine’s, and how is that romantic anyway?” We get your point. Now, let us explain to you why gifting your special someone a pair of sunnies or eyewear is still a charming thing to do. Keep reading… This might change your mind.

Selecting the perfect pair for your partner indicates that you care about them because you know their eye care needs. Especially now that we live in the digital generation, wherein everything we do revolves around our mobile phones; hence, giving them eyeglasses is essential in protecting their eyes against harmful light. In addition to this, if you and your partner enjoy spending time outdoors or participating in activities where sunwear is essential, such as hiking or biking, giving them high-quality sunglasses can be a practical and romantic gesture that enhances their comfort and enjoyment during your shared adventures.

Here’s an example on how you can spice up your gifting game!

Valentine's Date Night Box!

Looking for the perfect gift is challenging, which is why we came up with an idea that will  give you more tips in elevating your common Valentine gestures. Remember, your presents do not have to be extravagant because your partner will appreciate it more when it’s carefully thought out compared to its expensive price.


  1. First, buy a box where the gifts will be placed. There is no specific color, shape or design as long as it looks presentable.
  2. Include a polaroid picture of you two.
  3. Add his/her favorite sweet treat such as chocolates, macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, etc. 
  4. This is cheesy but you may also incorporate a sweet greeting card or a love letter!
  5. Dried flowers are indeed a lovely addition to gift boxes! They add a touch of charm and can last much longer than fresh flowers.
  6. Lastly, do not forget to include the star of the box, the EO eyeglasses, and sunglasses.

Hopefully, this changes your mind, and if it does, continue reading since our blog will be sharing trendy eyeglasses for men and women that are ideal as Valentine’s presents.

First on the list

Square Frames: Classic and Edgy

Square glasses are becoming increasingly popular this year, and fortunately for you, they’re not going away anytime soon. This style of eyewear can be paired with almost anything, whether it’s a corporate outfit or an everyday look because its classic design never goes out of style.

If your date prefers a simple yet sophisticated look, opt for square eyeglasses. Take a look at EO Eyewear Summer. It’s designed with a hint of cat-eye and soft nose pads, embodying a sophisticated approach with comfortable stainless steel frames, perfect as an eyeglasses gift.


For your fashionista partner who is afraid of the sun, you may give them the EO Sunwear Sydney. Boasting a polarized lens with UV protection, this pair’s casual style is perfect for ordinary errand days and vacation OOTDS. 

Square Frames Sunglasses

Rectangle Frames: Formal with a Modern Twist

Rectangle eyeglasses have been around since before the 1960s. With their sharp and stylish approach, rectangle sunnies are considered a daytime staple in everyone’s wardrobe. One can wear this pair with any type of outfit as they can help elevate any look you are going for.

Maybe your date would like the Shields SH2206. With its lightweight acetate frames and chic style, this will be your partner’s favorite day-time accessory for sure! If he or she has eye concerns but values style, then a pair of Figatti FG22002 will be an excellent choice. Its materials are not only eco-friendly but also gentle-fit, perfect for long wear. In addition to this, Figatti comes with multi-coated lenses (scratch-resistant, anti-glare, and UV protection), which promise a fusion of style and functionality.

Geometric: Eccentric, Bold, and Aesthetically Complex

Its unique shape and edges are flattering on a face, especially to those with round faces. Its style is something that will leave an impression. But, due to its angles and quirky design, many people are hesitant to try it on because it might not suit them. This dilemma is understandable, although you have to remember that there is always a risk in fashion, and just like love, it is definitely worth the gamble.


Show your date how special she is, and give her the EO Eyewear Oubre, which comes with a clever clip-on for instant sunglasses, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor wear. More than the distinct style, its duality offers convenience.

Geometric Sunglasses

Sports Sunwear: Style and Performance

Sports sunglasses are not the first choice for many due to their striking design, which seems like it can only be worn when physical activity is involved. While it is true that it was intentionally made for sports enthusiasts, sports sunwear is still versatile and can be used both on ordinary days and outdoor pursuits.


Are you and your other half into sports, cycling or hiking per se? You know what they say, couples that have similar hobbies tend to be happier together!  For sports lovers, you can have twinning presents! One EO Sunwear Contador for you and for your partner. This cool pair comes with replaceable lenses that offer UV and sun glare protection enhancing visual comfort. 

Sports Sunwear Sunglasses Figatti FG22002

There you have it! Hopefully, these tips will make your sweetheart happy! You may shop on our website, and even use the virtual try-on to have an idea how it will look in person. 

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