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Best Eyeglasses Gifts This Holiday Season

Discover Eyecare Essentials and Stylish Sunglasses – Perfect Presents for your loved ones!

Best Eyeglasses Gifts This Holiday Season

HO-HO-HOLIDAY! Christmas is drawing near. Do you have any gifts in mind that you plan to give this Merry season? We are certain you have already curated a list of presents for your friends, lovers, family, and co-workers, but just a  thought, what if we spice it up with EO’s eyewear collection? 

Here are some gift ideas that may help you shop better!

For super moms:

Our mother is our first nurse, teacher, and best friend, and that is why she deserves nothing but the best! As she gets older, her eyes are probably prone to eye concerns such as astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia. Why not give your mom a practical and stylish present, like the  EO Eyewear Antonio? EO eyewear’s basic design is what makes it extraordinary, as it can be paired with different types of outfits. On top of this, the eyewear’s smart-casual approach gives off a  more sophisticated aura, perfect for someone who prefers a minimalist style.

EO Eyewear Antonio can be upgraded to photochromic lenses that transition from clear to dark once exposed to the sun. You may also have these lenses changed to graded, depending on your mom’s eye condition.

For our OG hero, DAD:

To our father who is always busy at work, just so they can provide for our needs; our first driver and protector. This man deserves the world and all the love we can offer. Start by gifting your dad an elegant and functional EO Eyewear Medieve.

EO Eyewear Medieve - Blog

These specs in aviator-square stainless steel frames are an ideal pair for our precious dad since they showcase a minimal and suave style that elevates even a simple outfit. It also comes with multicoated lenses. The best thing about it is its versatility, wherein it can be worn in the office or even during errands day. You may also make it extra special by upgrading its lenses to Polycarbonate, which is impact-resistant, lightweight, and blocks 100% ultraviolet radiation from the sun. 

Our siblings, our forever frenemy:

Our siblings are the people whom we were friends with ever since we were kids. There are times that we don’t get along with them, but we also cannot deny how much we adore them. In this coming holiday, they deserve to receive something spectacular and useful, like the EO Eyewear Broadway With Clip On.

EO Eyewear Broadway With Clip On

The pair’s unisex design is ideal for both our sister and brother. Plus, each pair of frames includes multicoated lenses with a magnetic clip-on for a quick sunglasses transition. Imagine this: they can wear it indoors while scrolling through their phones and enjoy outdoor activities!

For our kids, nephews, nieces, and godchildren:

Kids love toys, but maybe we can spruce up their presents by gifting them cute and functional items. Check out the EO Kids Eyewear Little Rainbow, an ideal pair for our little angels because it not only comes with multicoated lenses (Non-graded Scratch-resistant, Anti-Glare, UV Protection) but the specs’ frame and temples change color once exposed to UV. 

EO Shields SH2289JR Kids Sunglasses

You also opt for EO Shields SH2289JR Kids Sunglasses! Quirky with a pop of color, this pair of sunnies is lightweight and provides maximum eye protection against the sun. 

Here’s a gift guide for you. Create a gift box that consists of the child’s favorite toy, some Christmas chocolates, or any treats, together with EO Kids Eyewear Little Rainbow or EO shields JR, then finish up by wrapping the presents with his/her favorite color of the wrapper.

The best friend who has been there through ups and downs:

We all love to spoil our friends every once in a while. Well, gifting them something they can wear for extra eye protection is not just sweet but also practical. Consider giving your friend the EO Visualities Henrie Anti-Radiation eyeglasses that filter out harmful amounts of blue light and reduce visual fatigue.

Available in different colors and patterns, this pair of eyewear’s cat-eye design will surely make a plain outfit more stylish.

For our beaus:

To our constant who has witnessed our wins, flaws, and sunshine days. Who has loved us and continues to shower us with affection despite our shortcomings, our boyfriends/girlfriends. Make their holiday extra special by surprising them with an elegant pair.

Choosing the perfect spec for our lover is challenging, so let us make it easier. If you plan to buy one for your girlfriend, consider the EO Eyewear Alana in cat-eye stainless steel frames. What also makes it stand out is its patterned temples, which can easily elevate casual wear. For boyfriends, you can never go wrong with EO Shields SH2263 Sunglasses. It not only showcases cool, laid-back and mysterious vibes, but its gradient lenses also change from a lighter to a darker shade, depending on the sunlight. 

EO Eyewear Alana in cat-eye stainless steel frames

Our co-workers and bosses who became our friends:

From workmates and bosses who became our constant and have seen our career growth, they deserve a pair of eyewear this holiday.The EO Seen Lance Eyewear  titanium eyeglasses are the perfect present for them.These square specs come with multicoated lenses, upgradeable to Blue lens UV 420, and are made with high-quality stainless steel. In addition to this, its edgy yet sophisticated style is perfect for both office and casual attire.

EO Seen Lance Eyewear titanium eyeglasses

Besides eyewear, Executive Optical offers a wide range of eye care products that you may include in your exchange gift. Explore our Shields sunglasses collection, which offers various styles for kids, men, and women. You may also check EO’s contact lenses, particularly the Visualities Editor’s Pick (Auburn).

The fun does not stop here. EO also offers eye care essentials, such as solutions, eye drops, contact lens cleaner, and fashionable eyeglass cords that you may add to your list of presents.

We hope this blog has assisted you in choosing a memorable present! Remember, the act of gifting goes beyond material things. Consider giving them something practical, a product that addresses a specific need. This way, you are expressing how much you value their presence in your life.

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