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Choosing Eyeglasses Made Easy: 4 Essential Tips​

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Blurry vision is one of the most common eye problems due to excessive exposure to digital screens, health conditions, or it could also be hereditary. Refractive errors, like nearsightedness and farsightedness, may occur. It only proves that choosing the correct eyeglasses is necessary, as they provide an affordable solution for ocular problems.

So, knowing these essential tips can help you get the right eyewear. Read below to find out!

Face Shape

Opting for a frame that suits your face can complement your appearance. For instance, people with round faces may choose square-framed glasses to give the illusion of a slimmer look. For additional tips, see the image below.

Perfect Pair when choosing Eyeglasses - Face Shape

Personal Style

Your frame choices speak about who you are. If you are a hippie who prefers casual fashion, wearing bold, fashionable eyewear captures your unique style. Meanwhile, round or square eyeglasses with metal frames bring out the class for those into work-wear-inspired attire. 

Aside from your style, you can also consider your skin tone. Learning about your skin type isn’t exclusive to makeup; it helps you select an excellent pair! For example, people with fair skin will look good wearing eyeglasses of bold colors, such as red.

The model is wearing the Principal in S. Rose Gold. This eyewear is perfect for minimalist yet chic attire.
The model is wearing the EO eyewear clip-on. This eyewear is perfect for your office attire or outdoor shopping OOTD.

Reasons for Purchasing

For starters, why do you need glasses? Do you need them for vision correction? Is protection from blue light and UV rays your priority? Are you having difficulty driving at night due to the glare? Knowing why you need them helps identify what kind of eyeglasses you need. 

More than the style, consulting an eye care specialist makes this journey easier. An optometrist assesses eye problems by carefully conducting an eye exam, prescribing the correct lenses, and determining the lenses’ thickness based on eye grade.

A woman having her eyes checked.


Setting a budget is essential in purchasing new eyewear. As some frames are more expensive than others, identifying how much you can spend prevents you from splurging.

Shopping for eyewear can be overwhelming, especially for the first time. Thankfully, Executive Optical offers quality eyewear that matches the wearers’ style, face shape, eye condition, and skin tone without compromising their budget.

A photo of Executive Optical's store.

Two of the best product offerings are the EO Eyewear and SEEN collection! They include excellent features, like titanium frames, acetate sleeves, and multicoated lenses. Of course, they provide comfort, style, and protection in one frame.

Other eyewear essentials exist when choosing eyeglasses, such as fashion sunglasses and colored contact lenses. Enhance your features and natural eye color with these selections!

Are you ready to find a new pair? Remembering the four essential tips leads you to a comfortable shopping experience.

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