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What You Need To Know About Dry Eyes 

Non-Threatening Yet Preventable: Understanding Dry Eyes

Understanding Dry Eyes

Have you ever experienced having dry eyes, and felt redness, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, and the feeling of having something gritty or foreign in the eye? If you do, this blog is for you, learn what you need to know about dry eyes, but for those who have not, we suggest that you continue reading since the information provided in this write-up will be beneficial for you in the long run. 

Unexpected Facts!

  • All ages: Dry eyes can strike at any age, even in the younger crowd.
  • Smoke Signals: Smoking is a known culprit for upping the dry eyes risk.
  • Hormones and environment: Changing hormones and surroundings can be dry eye culprits.
  • Health Link: Conditions like diabetes and thyroid issues are linked to dry eyes.

What is a dry eye and its symptoms?​

This condition often occurs when eyes fail to produce enough tears or when tears evaporate too quickly. This happens due to aging, prolonged exposure to digital devices, hormonal changes,  medical conditions, and long hours of wearing contact lenses. Now, you may wonder if this is dangerous—the answer is no. However, this may cause discomfort and be susceptible to infections. 

Most of you are already familiar with the symptoms of dry eyes, but for those who are not, these are the signs you should look out for. 

Stinging or Burning Sensation: A persistent or intermittent stinging or burning feeling in the eyes can be one of the most common symptoms.

Redness: Dry eyes may lead to redness in the whites of the eyes, indicating irritation.

Foreign Body Sensation: Individuals with dry eyes might feel as if there is something gritty or foreign in their eyes, even when there isn’t, causing them to blink or rub their eyes multiple times. 

Watery Eyes: Have you ever wondered why your eyes produce tears randomly? Dry eyes can sometimes lead to excessive tearing as the eyes attempt to compensate for the lack of adequate lubrication. 

Blurred Vision: Insufficient tears can cause a disturbance in vision, leading to blurry eyesight.

Sensitivity to Light: Dry eyes can make the eyes more sensitive to light, a condition known as photophobia.

Difficulty with Contact Lenses: Individuals who wear contact lenses may experience discomfort, irritation, or difficulty wearing their lenses due to dry eyes. 

Eye Fatigue: Prolonged periods of reading, using digital devices, or engaging in activities requiring focused vision can contribute to eye fatigue.

Stringy Mucus in or Around the Eyes: A sensation of stringy mucus in or around the eyes may be due to dry eyes.

Discomfort with Wind or Air Conditioning: Exposure to windy conditions or air conditioning may exacerbate dry eye symptoms. This happens even though the wind is not that strong, but it still hurts your eyes.      

Prevention tips:

  • Avoiding Air Exposure: Avoid direct exposure of your eyes to hair dryers, car heaters, and air conditioners.               
  • Wear your sunwear: Combat wind and dry air by wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses.                                             
  • Invest in a humidifier: Block dry indoor air by using a humidifier since this can help add moisture to your air.
  • Stop Smoking: This hobby can quickly exacerbate dry eye symptoms.                                                            
  • Take a break: Let your eyes rest from any visual tasks for a few minutes.   

There are various eye drops that you may use in addressing or preventing this matter. Try the Visualities Artificial Tears Formula Lubricating Eye Drops. This eye drop is specifically formulated for contact lens wearers who are experiencing dry eyes. It helps rehydrate contact lenses to avoid eye discomfort and blurry vision. In addition to this, it also Instantly moisturizes and soothes dry eyes, providing you extra comfort. 


You may also invest in a good quality contact lens solution that wouldn’t break your bank; add the Visualities Artificial Tears Formula Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution on your list. It is designed to rewet and lubricate dry eyes during contact lens wear. The Visualities Artificial Tears Formula contains ingredients such as Sodium hyaluronate that helps soothe and moisturize eyes instantly. 

Visualities - Artificial Tears formula

Nowadays, people read, watch, and study through their gadgets, and that is why whether you are wearing contact lenses, does not guarantee that you are safe from experiencing dry eyes. Nevertheless, there is a solution for you. Apply the Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops on your eyes for extra comfort. Systhane offers protection and fast symptom relief, which address this particular concern.

If your eye condition worsens or cannot be resolved by applying drops, it is best to visit any of the Executive Optical branches for a free check-up. 

To sum it up, taking proactive steps to comprehend and manage dry eyes contributes not only to enhanced eye comfort but also to overall well-being—particularly crucial in today’s digitally connected world. By prioritizing eye health and adopting suitable solutions, individuals can navigate the challenges of modern living with greater ease and comfort.

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