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A Complete Guide to Selecting the Right Eyeglasses for Kids

Ensuring the Little Ones Get Proper Eyecare

A kid in a playground wearing eyeglasses

It’s not always easy to know when kids need eyeglasses, as not all are vocal about their needs. Sometimes, parents need to watch closely as the signs are so subtle. Another challenge is finding the perfect frames that won’t easily break due to the limitless energy trapped in their little bodies. It is also not just about picking out anything that looks cool or colorful. There are a ton of things that need consideration before coming to a decision. Thus, looking for the best glasses is not always a walk in the park, but it does get easier with the proper knowledge. Read on to understand what to ponder when getting eyeglasses for children. 

Made to Last the Energetic Life

Kids love playing and aren’t always careful of their belongings, which could lead to potential accidents. So, opting for the proper materials will be a lifesaver. The first is to identify what lens material would work best in their favor. For one, glass is heavy and more prone to breaking, making it not the best choice for active wearers. On the other hand, polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and resistant to scratch & impact, making them the perfect match for the little ones. If this is not the kind of lens one is going for, upgrading to Hard Coated scratch-resistant lenses is the answer.

Next is selecting what frame material would suit kids. Plastic or metal is okay, as both options offer similar cost, durability, and weight. But be mindful that some youngsters may have nickel aversions in metal frames. Thus, going for hypoallergenic materials, like titanium, ensures allergies don’t get in the way of their precious playtime. 

EO Blaze Kids sunglasses with toys as decoration

Flaunting Comfort and Style

It can be challenging to make kids wear glasses, especially when it’s not something they like. Imagine playing their favorite games while sporting these big, heavy spectacles that keep falling off their faces. Chances are they would remove it in frustration and irritation. Also, who would want to wear something that could get in the way of activities? Not the active little ones. 

Protection, improved vision, and a design the kids love should be the goals when deciding which eyeglasses to buy. Ticking all three from the list warrants a smile and a promise of wearing the handpicked specs because allowing them to select their favorite makes it easier to treat glasses with more care. Thus, not only will they fall into the routine of wearing them due to their convenience, but also their style. And that’s something one should aim for.

Fits Like a Glove

The spectacles should neither be too big nor too small. Ensuring the proper size would allow the kids to move freely and without restrictions. Of course, they want to play around without sensing that their glasses are there. They’re kids, so the things they own should support their limitless energy — and that includes eyewear. Thus, the aim is to provide them with frames that fit like a glove. 

Some parents buy a bigger size for their kids to grow into them. Does this sound familiar? It’s natural for people to do anything to save money, but it’s not something one should do when buying glasses for their little ones. Sizing up would only bother and irritate them; therefore, refusing to wear the specs. Just imagine the wasted money and the opportunity to improve their vision.

EO eyeglasses cord that is suited for kids

Another challenge is finding the perfect fit for their developing nose bridge. They are prone to sliding down because of this and can get annoying for the wearer. But take the worry out the window! Metal frames have adjustable nose pads to prevent having to push them back up now and then. Even plastic frames have sizes to fit the bridges of the little ones. Also, having the right accessories like eyeglasses straps and temple tips with cords ensures the glasses stay snug on their faces. They amplify the specs’ security, allowing the child to roam freely without losing their vision helpers. 

Playing It Cool With Sports Glasses

Another option one can go for is getting sports glasses. Children wearing specs and leading an active lifestyle playing sports like basketball have a high probability of damaging their beloved frames. It is because not all eyeglasses can withstand such pressure from games. Thus, it’s only fitting for sporty kids to have sports glasses that keep up with their activities without breaking. Here’s a pro tip: If the kid is a swimmer, adding grades to their swim goggles would make for smoother play. 

Regular Eye Checkups

Eye checkups are not a one-time thing. It’s essential to monitor the changes in children’s vision to make the necessary adjustments to help improve their quality of life. Also, it’s one way to ensure they’re getting the right eye prescription. They would feel discomfort if given the wrong one since their vision constantly changes during their age. 

Take advantage of EO-Executive Optical’s free eye checkups by asking the doctor all questions regarding children’s eye health. Make it a habit to visit the expert for a proper assessment, as getting the wrong prescription makes matters more inconvenient.

A kid having an eye checkup

The Bottom Line

Providing the little ones with the right glasses that fit their faces and style exquisitely is a win for parents and kids. Others may shrug off the importance of promoting eye health to youngsters, but early preparation is advantageous. Teaching them proper eye care can encourage them to love their eyes. Find the right pair at the trusted optical shop in the Philippines and include EO-Executive Optical in caring for the little one’s precious organs of sight.

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