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Accessories that Boost the Way You Care for Your Eyes


Ear Grip Hook

Upgraded Experience, Better Eye Care

Taking care of your eyes gets more enjoyable with some add-ons. You can find whatever you need, from cords to cases, to help you love your eyes better.

Ear Grip Hook: No More Slips!

Want your glasses to sit comfortably and snugly on your ears? Grip hooks do the job of preventing them from sliding or falling off your face. You can finally keep them in place all day while saving you the trouble of readjusting them now and then.

Eyeglasses Case: A Safe Space for Your Specs

Ensure your eyes stay healthy and happy when you protect your glasses, and say goodbye to accidental drops that cause the damage! With the proper case for your specs, you can achieve convenience, protection, and style in one.

Eyeglasses Cord: Your Glasses' Lifeline

It is a practical solution to keep an eye on your cherished specs. You can have your trusty vision helper within reach and make wearing them more enjoyable and convenient! What’s more, you can mix and match according to your mood and outfit with the style variety available.

Lens Case: The Guardians of Your Lenses

Keep the windows to your soul safe by correctly storing your contacts. Cases are the perfect houses to ensure they remain clean and secure with a solution, especially when not in use. You can find a case — or two — that matches your taste from EO’s selection of colors and designs.

Lens Cleaner: Ensuring Spotless Lenses

Clean, disinfect, and store your lenses the right way! This must-have eye care essential is compact, so you can bring it while you enjoy your travels. It removes debris and deposits to keep your eyes healthy when wearing contacts.

Eyeglasses Case - Accessories

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Shop to avoid eye problems with a cleaner that can help rid dirt on your lenses quickly.
Cords keep your eyewear secure and within reach. Plus, they are a perfect addition to any outfit.
Make your eyeglasses last with cases for protection against accidental bumps and drops.

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