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Unlocking Clarity: The Benefits of Graded Contact Lenses

The Benefits of Contact Lenses

Having a high eye grade could be quite troublesome at some point, waking up with blurry vision and facing the fact that you’re practically blind without eyeglasses or contact lenses. While many people prefer wearing glasses over contact lenses, which is understandable, contact lenses are still an excellent alternative to glasses, especially when your pair accidentally breaks. Lets delve into the benefits of contact lenses.


How did contact lenses start?

The concept of contact lenses originated in the 16th century, leading to the development of corneal contacts in 1936 by William Feinbloom, who introduced the use of plastic as their main material. This invention paved the way for the innovative improvement of the first disposable soft contact lenses in 1987. Today, contact lenses are considered an optical necessity for those who prefer not to wear eyeglasses but still need to address their vision issues.

Common eye problems

Refractive errors such as Myopia(nearsightedness) and Hyperopia(farsightedness) are some of the usual concerns that people encounter. Astigmatism is also known as an ocular condition, and all of these are caused by genetics or lifestyle factors that can be addressed through wearing eyeglasses or graded contact lenses. 

How can contact lenses provide solutions for vision problems?

Contact lenses interact with the eye’s surface, and act similarly to eyeglasses, in which they adjust the way the light enters the eyes, aiding refractive errors and enhancing visual acuity. Nowadays, contact lenses offer an array of materials and are designed to maintain comfort and keep eyes hydrated. 

Why wear graded contact lenses?

Sure, you may always wear eyeglasses, but what if it breaks and you don’t have a spare? Wearing your most trusted specs is a must and highly encouraged as well. However, there will be times when you have to take them off. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of contact lenses.

  1. They offer a wider field of view since they’re directly in your eye.
  2. Contact lenses are ideal for people with active lifestyles or those involved in sports, as they remain securely in place during physical activities.
  3. Unlike glasses, contact lenses do not fog up or create glare, which can be particularly advantageous in environments with temperature changes or when driving at night.
  4. Graded contact lenses provide precise vision correction tailored to an individual’s specific prescription, offering clear and crisp vision without the need for glasses.
  5. Contact lenses eliminate the need to constantly wear and remove glasses, providing greater convenience, especially during physical activities or sports where glasses may be cumbersome.

Through the years, the advancement of contact lenses has continued, evolving from using mere plastic as their main material to incorporating content that provides long-term comfort and protection. Today, there are numerous kinds of contact lenses to choose from.

Types of Graded Contact Lenses are as follows:

Soft Contact Lenses: Made out of flexible plastic that allows oxygen to pass through the cornea, providing extra comfort and available in numerous options.

  • Daily disposable: Worn once and discarded.
  • Extended wear: Can be worn continuously for several days.
  • Monthly or bi-weekly disposable: Replaced on a monthly or bi-weekly basis.

UV-Blocking: Offers protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. 

Colored: These lenses enhance or change your iris’ color.

Fortunately, EO offers a diverse range of contact lenses, perfect for both daily use and extended wear.

EO Flexwear Vision Soft Contact Lenses with UV-blocker, on the other hand is the best option for people who would like to protect their eyes against harmful light. Redness will also be minimized due to its gel-like texture, offering extra comfort. 

EO Flexwear Vision Soft Contact Lenses with UV-blocker

If you want to express your emotions through a tantalizing gaze, a pair of Flexwear Illusion contact lenses will do you justice. Available in visually aesthetic shades, Illusions is more than just your average colored lenses as it contains moisturizing ingredients and H20 content providing long-lasting comfort. You may also get this graded or non-graded. 

EO Flexwear Plus UV Blocker Clear Contact Lens
EO Flexwear Plus UV Blocker Clear Contact Lens
EO flexwear clear contact lens with UV Blocker model thumbnail

You may also want to check out EO Flexwear Plus UV Blocker Clear Contact Lens. Made with soft materials, it is also tinted, so contact lens wearers will not have a hard time taking it out from the container. 

Clear Contact Lens

Innovation is inevitable; however, it is a kind of change that will benefit everyone. Now, we have high-tech vision correction that offers convenience at a reasonable price. Before shopping for contact lenses, remember to consult with a licensed optometrist and have your eyes checked first. Speaking of which, you may also book your appointment on our website before you visit any of the EO branches. Enjoy the free check-up and relax inside our store’s cozy interior.

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