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Vision Protectors: Can Glasses Protect Your Eyes?

The Truth Behind Your Frames

A women wearing Glasses - Can Glasses Protect Your Eyes

How do we distinguish colors without our eyes? Is there another way to see how people’s lips curve when they smile? How can we keep a mental memory of a funny experience on our way to work? Various things in this world are worth seeing. They’re all thanks to the gift of sight. 

You’re probably most scared of losing your vision. The lack of awareness about your surroundings, inability to see the faces of your loved ones, and later forgetting how your favorite scenes look. So, can you imagine living a life without seeing anything? Neither can we.

Therefore, it’s no wonder why people value their eyesight. We use them from the moment we wake up to the last minute before we close our eyes. Thus, pieces of advice surface related to our eye health — from to-dos to myths and facts. But ultimately, do glasses protect your eyes?

Fact Or Fiction?

Claim #1: Say hello to damaged eyes when you get the wrong prescription.

Wrong! Eyeglasses can’t change any part of your eyes; instead, they alter the light rays they receive. If your glasses are too strong or wrong, don’t panic! The worst thing that could happen is feeling uncomfortable because of temporary headaches. But rest assured that your precious eyes won’t suffer from any damage. What you can do instead is to have your glasses readjusted to get the right prescription. 

Hand Holding Eyeglasses - Can Glasses Protect Your Vision

Claim #2: You grow dependent on your glasses if you wear them every time.

False! The reason you have them is because you need them. Wearing specs corrects your vision, not make them worse. It’s just that your eyes think your new “normal” vision is when you’re wearing your glasses; thus, the feeling of having worse eyesight when you take them off.

Claim #3: It’s okay to wear your glasses constantly.

Ding, ding, ding! Precisely. Taking breaks from your specs will strain and wear your eyes more quickly. Put them on if you’re working in front of a computer, reading a book, or going from one place to another. Your eyes need support; otherwise, you’ll tire them out. Believe us, there won’t be negative consequences from wearing them daily.

Can Glasses Protect Your Eyes?

Wearing glasses these days is an advantage. Not only do they correct vision, but they do other things for your eyes. You need not worry anymore about getting Digital Eye Strain (DES) from working hours in front of the computer. Plus, you can finally walk under the sun with confidence when your eyeglasses can double as sunglasses

Kid Reading Book - Glasses Protect Your Eyes

Certainly, your trusty specs can do more than just vision correction. See below what other things they can do:

  • Protects you from UV light
  • Filters blue light from digital screens
  • Keeps dirt and dust away 
  • Maintains your healthy vision with anti-radiation
  • Acts as sunglasses when you add photochromic lenses

Why Continue Wearing Glasses?

Sure, our eyeglasses protect us from various things. But they don’t stop there! It’s amazing how a pair of spectacles can make our lives easier and colorful without spending so much money on them. 


Eyeglasses are your best choice if you’re not used to wearing contact lenses. They’re so easy to put on and take off! Additionally, unlike contact lenses, they don’t need constant replacement unless you need grade updates. Do you want to make it more convenient? Attaching cords makes them easily accessible whenever you take them off. Finally, no more panicking whenever you can’t find your glasses.

Hand Holding Eyeglasses


With various shapes, sizes, and colors, it’s impossible not to find eyewear that suits your taste. They can add flair to your outfit and enhance your facial features. Let your unique personality shine through with the frame you choose. 


Maybe you’re wondering if it would cost you a lot of money if an eyeglass could provide vision correction, UV light protection, and anti-radiation, among others. The good news? There are a lot of affordable glasses for you! 

Wondering how and where to start? Going to an EO Executive Optical store near you can help with that. Remember, loving your eyes begins with proper eye care. Start that journey today!

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