7 New Year’s Resolutions for Better Eye Health this 2017

new year resolution for better eyes health

‘I will schedule an eye checkup this year’ is similar to ‘I will lose weight this year.’—like all New Year’s resolutions you made these past years, getting an eye exam is a promise made to be broken by none other than yourself. Yet, it is high time you do something about your eye health. As… read more »

How to Choose Eyeglasses for Kids


Images of kids with glasses will make you say ‘awww.’ Is it how cute the eyeglasses frames are? Or is it how big the lenses are? Nonetheless, it sends an underlying message: these kids have vision problems that only prescription glasses could correct. It might be a disturbing fact that at an early age, one… read more »

Must have Eyeglass Lens Characteristics

Eyeglasses frames. This is the first thing we notice when we enter an eyewear store to buy a new pair of glasses. It is a prominent feature of an eyewear that defines a person’s style and personality. We spend a lot of time perusing different colors and design just to pick out the right eyeglasses… read more »

How to Choose the Right Eyeglasses for Your Face

Your specs are the extension of your personality, so better choose one that complements your face shape. Check out this infographic for more details and see how to make the best out of a good looking pair of glasses!

It Is More Than an Eyeglasses Frame

Most blind or visually impaired people never allow themselves to be slaves of this condition. They just adapt to their environment and adjust to fit in. Some developed synesthetic abilities besides using an aid and a cane to perceive their surroundings. Concerned individuals or institutions developed sensory substitution devices (SSD) which is slowly gaining recognition… read more »

An Annual Eye Checkup May Help Prevent Digital Eye Strain

The need to go through eye checkups arises as we spend more time with electronic screens. Some of us are guilty of this routine. The first thing we do in the morning is stretch by reaching for our smartphones to turn off the alarm and proceeding to check some messages. While eating breakfast, we flick… read more »



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The Inside Out of Eye Whites and Emotions

Who would have thought buying sunglasses for sale in the Philippines may come in handy before viewing Disney Pixar’s Inside Out? It could have helped to hide the tears of joy from your sister who relentlessly teased you. At first, it was apprehensive to watch because cartoons that discusses about emotions might bore you. You… read more »

Google Glass Goes Even Smarter

Imagination is the limit of today’s invention. What we consider a great trend today may be a different thing tomorrow. Innovations, specifically on gadgets, quickly change with just a blink of an eye. New and improved tools are invented for eye checkup. Reaching friends is made easy by “smarter” phones. Studying, research and learning isn’t… read more »

Eyeglasses versus Contact Lenses

After an eye checkup, the ophthalmologist gives you the final verdict: you need to wear glasses. For that reason, you have to tone down buying for sale sunglasses in the Philippines because you need switch from groovy to glasses as prescribed by your eye doctor. However, this begs another question: will you wear glasses or… read more »

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