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EO Flexwear Refresh Multipurpose Contact Lens Solution



Flexwear Refresh Multifunctional contact lens solution is an all-in-one buffered saline solution best for cleaning, removing proteins and lipids, disinfecting, inserting and storage. 

Cleaning Deposits: Deposits consist of dirt, debris and other substances caused by accumulation during wear, may lead to discomfort and affect the vision, which is why Flexwear Refresh Multifunctional solution  contains formulation that keep lenses clear and comfortable to wear. 

Removing Proteins: Protein deposits caused by build-up on contact lenses over time may cause cloudiness and discomfort. However, this matter can be prevented by using a contact lens solution.  

 Disinfecting: This solution keeps the contact lenses disinfected by effectively killing a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that may accumulate on the lens surface during wear.

Inserting: The solution is also suitable for inserting contact lenses into the eyes. Before inserting lenses, it is necessary to ensure they are clean, disinfected, and moist, which the Flexwear Refresh solution fulfills. 

Preservation/storing: Contact lenses need to be stored properly to maintain their shape and ensure they remain hydrated. The Flexwear Refresh Multifunctional solution can be used as a storage solution, providing a suitable environment to keep the lenses in top condition when not in use. 


Inclusion: Contact lens case


Delivery Promise: Usually ships within 2-3 days with 7-day return and exchange


Supplementary Product Details: 



Contents: Remopro and Preservative: PHMB 0.0001%


FDA Registration No:


Caution: Remove any remaining solution in your contact lens case. NEVER REUSE SOLUTION.

Please read the ingredients before usage. Don’t use this product if you are allergic to any of the following components mentioned above and its box. 

Solution Size

360 ML, 60 ML


EO Flexwear


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