From Shaira

“Lightweight eyewear and welcoming staff. Glorietta branch”

- Shaira (@shairaleosala)

From Crisha

“I love them! I do makeup tutorials and post it on my youtube channel and facebook page. I wore my contact lenses in all of my videos, since I do not have a clear vision. I dont only have comments about my makeup but a lot of people were asking me where I bought my contact lense and what shade/color I was wearing. Even my friends, they would always ask the same question whenever I hang out with them. I always get compliments!”

- Crisha Crae Johns Uy (@crishau)

From Ken

“From 1-10, I’d rate EO eyewear and store: a perfect 10.

Among all the eyewear store I’ve canvassed a few months ago, it was only EO store that gave me what I needed  and wanted: stylish, durable, and affordable eyewear.

Furthermore, EO Centrio branch’s customer service is excellent. When I arrived in the store, I was warmly attended by the optometrist.

When I got the EO eyewear, I loved it so much and I have been recommending Executive Optical to my friends.”

- Ken Omandam (@kenomandam)

From Nicole

“My experience using my contact lens from EO, it was so great because I feel so stunning with my slate gray and sandal wood touch. Not just having the gorgeous and stunning part but the vision was really great. EO is one of the best optical clinic here in the phil.”

- Nicole Olaguer (@jaleesanicole)

From Bilzy

“What I like about EO is that, it offers affordable eyewear without compromising style and services, I really like the frames. As a style blogger, I always choose fashionable glasses. I also love how fast I got my eyewear. There you have it. Thanks EO :)

- Bilzy Sombilon (@ohohbilzy)

From Jeff

“It was the first time I went to EO for my eyeglasses. Staffs are friendly and very accomodating. I’m having a hard time to look for the glasses that suits me. But then, a girl staff gave me this one and it’s just perfect. “Malinaw na ang lahat ngayon.” Thank you! :)

- Jeff Frias (@jeffrias)

From Rommel

“Super comfortable po nung lens, less hassle kesa naka eye glasses :)

- From Rommel Valeriano, (@valerianorommel01)

From Gerilen

Thank you GeriLen for choosing our EO’s eyewear. We’ll always be here to love your eyes more and give you the “Executive” care that you deserve!

“The EO doctors were friendly, the staff even. The entire package costs me around less than Php5000.00 only! I think it’s a good deal, I had an eye protector, graded lenses and a shade rolled in one plus the other free stuff that comes with it.”

- From GeriLen, gerilen.wordpress.com

From SnappedAndScribbed

It is nice to know that, since 2011, you’ve chosen EO as your optical shop! We’ll continue to serve you the way you deserve. So we guess it’s ok to greet you with a happy 4th anniversary to loving your eyes more!

“Got my Hello Kitty eyeglasses from Executive Optical in SM Masinag. I used to switch from one optical shop to another but eversince I tried the services of Executive Optical last 2011, I only buy my contact lens, solutions and eyeglasses from them. I like that they have an online database system of my record and of their inventory. Very efficient. :D

- From Roselle, www.snappedandscribbed.com

From Bookishmouie

Thank you Ishiee for trusting Executive Optical for ten years! It’s nice to know that your first eyeglasses and contact lens are from us. We would like to extend our gratitude for choosing Executive Optical’s products.

“Executive Optical is my family’s go-to place for ten years now, where I got my first glasses and my first contact lenses”

- From Ishiee, bookishmouie.blogspot.com

From LotsOfGirlStuff

One very nice review of our contact lenses comes from Anna Luisa from lotsofgirlstuff.blogspot.com. It warms our heart to know that the lenses fit you comfortably! She had this to say:

“I find that this pair is quite comfortable on the eyes. I wore it for a little over 8 hours and it didn’t irritate my eyes.”

- From Anna, lotsofgirlstuff.blogspot.com

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