21731462_337234120060139_2847032100446359917_oKINGDOM COME IN THE MIDDLE EAST

The lady replied, “You know that I have a Filipino housemaid. She sings all the time and looks so joyful. I asked her what she was singing about, and she explained she was singing songs of praise and thanksgiving to God for Jesus. I asked her to tell me more about him. Through her witness I became a Christian, then my husband; then we shared the gospel with these family members and friends. Some have come to faith; others are seeking. That’s why I want you to share with them about Jesus and the Bible.” All this because of a Filipino maid singing praise to Jesus in a Muslim household in Saudi Arabia.


1. The Galactic God Who Invites Us into His Glorious Plan

2. The Glory of God, the Lostness of Man, and the Gospel of Christ

3. Christ, Courage, and Finishing the Mission

4. From Every Land to Every Land: The Lord’s Purpose and Provision in the Lord’s Prayer

5. To Our Neighbors and the Nations … and more

FINISH THE MISSION Authors: John Piper & David Mathis SRP: Php275 (191 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)




What is a system? It’s a process for predictably achieving a goal based on specific, orderly, repeatable principles and practices. Systems leverage your time, money, and abilities. They are great tools for personal growth. Systems are deliberate, intentional, and practical. They really work — regardless of your profession, talent level, or experience. They improve your performance. A life without any systems is a life where the person must face every task and challenge from scratch.


1. Become an Intentional Learner: Growth Doesn’t Just Happen

2. Develop Self-Awareness: You Must Know Yourself to Grow Yourself

3. Believe in Yourself: You Must See Value in Yourself to Add Value to Yourself

4. Set Aside Time to Reflect: Learning to Pause Allows Growth to Catch Up with You

5. Embrace Discipline Daily: Motivation Gets You Going — Discipline Keeps You Growing … and more

HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE GROW Author: John C. Maxwell SRP: Php600 (139 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)




Dapat makita mo siya sa iba’t ibang klase ng sitwasyon. Halimbawa: ako, pag nanliligaw, mabait. Sino ba namang lalaki ang hindi mabait kapag nanliligaw? Yan ang tinatawag na “best foot forward.” Pero tingnan mo rin ang reaction niya sa mga unguarded moments. Halimbawa, habang namamasyal kayo sa mall biglang natapakan siya, anong reaksyon niya? Nagalit ba? Ayun, nahuli mo siya. O kaya sasakay kayo sa jeep, tapos biglang may sumigaw ng “Hold up!” — tapos bigla kang iniwan.


1. God’s Design for Marriage

2. Pitfalls in Believing You’re in Love

3. What Can Help Us Know if Love is True?

4. Are You Mature Enough for Marriage?

5. Realities of Married Life

HANDA KA NA BA SA FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE? Author: Clem E. Guillermo SRP: Php170 (111 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)




“Is it OK to spy on your kids?” asked the concerned parent of a teenager who isn’t talking much, at least to his parents. How far do you go to find out what is going on in the life of your teenager? Spying may include going through your teenager’s dresser drawers, reading his diary, going into the files of his computer and reading his e-mail (or mail) or otherwise investigating what he thinks you will never see. How far is too far? Does a teenager have a right not to tell as his right to privacy?


1. Our Greatest Mission Field

2. Love Starts at Home

3. Late Starters

4. Developing Your Child’s Potential

5. The Effectiveness of “Program Mom” … and more

RAISING GODLY KIDS Author: Harold Sala SRP: Php195 (237 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)




One of the first things I noticed on my early visits to his home, were the books on his shelves: mostly fiction, with occasional histories — Shakespeare, Dickens, de Tocqueville — but a conspicuous absence of “business books.” After about my third or fourth visit, my curiosity got the best of me.

“Peter, it appears as if you read a lot of novels,” I said. “Somehow I would have thought your bookshelves would have been lined with books related more to your discipline.”

He paused for a second, a whimsical smile momentarily forming before he answered with typical authority.


1. You May Go Now

2. Beware the Man on the White Horse

3. First Encounter

4. Strictly Business

5. Extraordinarily Ordinary … and more

DRUCKER & ME Author: Bob Buford SRP: Php250 (291 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)



When we take our cars in for mechanical work, we have no problem asking, “How long will this take?” We are tempted to ask God the same question when we submit our requests to Him — “God, when can we begin looking for your answers?”

This reminds us of a story of a nightclub that opened on the main street of a small town. Deeply disturbed by this, the only church in town set up an all-night prayer meeting and asked God to burn the club down. Within a few minutes, lightning struck the club, which burned to the ground. The club’s owner sued the church, but the church denied responsibility. After hearing both sides, the judge said, “It seems that wherever the guilt may lie, the nightclub owner believes in prayer while the church doesn’t!”


1. The Problem of Prayer

2. Cats and Dogs Examine the Model Prayer

3. Learning to Ask Big

4. The Purposes of Prayer

5. Don’t Bless Me Like That! … and more

CAT & DOG PRAYER Authors: Bob Sjogren & Gerald Robison SRP: Php250 (115 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)



There are many advantages to the single lifestyle, and I think they outweigh the disadvantages. The freedom we have to set our own pace, make our own decisions, change our plans, spend our money, and prioritize our time — to mention a few — are wonderful gifts and resources. Until you’ve relinquished those freedoms, you don’t really appreciate how nice they are!


1. Common Mistakes in Our Attitudes toward Marriage

2. Common Mistakes in Relating to the Opposite Sex

3. Common Mistakes Women Make in Relationships with Men

4. Common Mistakes Men Make in Relationships with Women

5. Common Mistakes in Dating … and more

COMMON MISTAKES SINGLES MAKE Author: Mary S. Whelchel SRP: Php175 (159 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)

19642255_309965779453640_3727082781623883829_nHE GUIDES ME IN THE PATH OF RIGHTEOUSNESS FOR HIS NAMES SAKE

Sheep are notorious creatures of habit. If left to themselves, they will follow the same trails until they become ruts; graze the same hills until they turn to desert wastes; pollute their own ground until it is corrupt with disease and parasites. Many of the world’s finest sheep ranges have been ruined beyond repair by overgrazing, poor management, and indifferent or ignorant sheep owners.A commonly held but serious misconception about sheep is that they can just “get along anywhere.” The truth is quite the reverse. No other class of livestock requires more careful handling, more detailed direction, than do sheep. No doubt David, as a shepherd himself, had learned this firsthand from tough experience. He knew beyond dispute that if the flock was to flourish and the owner’s reputation was to be held in high esteem as a good manager, the sheep had to be constantly under his meticulous control and guidance.


1. “The Lord is My Shepherd”

2. “I Shall Not Be in Want”

3. “He Makes Me Lie Down in Green Pastures”

4. “He Leads Me Beside Quiet Waters”

5. “He Restores My Soul” … and more

A SHEPHERD LOOKS AT PSALM 23 Author: W. Phillip Keller SRP: Php225 (122 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)



Someone once asked me, “How many years have you been married?” We have been married for over 15 years, but we have over 200 years worth of experience. You might be wondering what I meant by two hundred plus years of experience when I’m only twenty nine years old (20 years ago).

During the time we were engaged, we visited seventeen couples and we asked them only one question: “What were the mistakes you made that you will never make again?” Boy, we sure learned a lot from their personal experiences.


1. Marriage is Like a Roller Coaster Ride

2. How & When I Met My Happy Wife

3. Marriage Myth Buster

Top 3 Reasons Why Marriage Fail

4. Lack of Communication

5. Lack of Intimacy … and more

HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE Authors: Chinkee & Nove Ann Tan SRP: Php400 (273 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)

GOD’S HEART GIVES OF HIMSELF18954755_298087370641481_6751238596534961042_o

Through Jesus, He serves you — and Jesus is the example for all fathers to follow in giving to their families. “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:28).

Through Jesus, He treats you like a friend and shares His heart with you. How wonderful it is when fathers and children go beyond their natural relationship and become friends! The heart of God also longs for friendship with His children.


1. An Extraordinary Dad…Loves from the Heart

2. An Extraordinary Dad…Is Strong and Courageous

3. An Extraordinary God…Is Hopeful and Encouraging

4. An Extraordinary Dad…Walks in Wisdom

5. An Extraordinary Dad…Is Patient and Understanding … and more

CELEBRATE DAD SRP: Php160 (125 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)

18814612_294031261047092_1818606531112488469_oTHE ETERNAL CONTINUUM

We cannot think rightly of God until we begin to think of Him as always being there, and there first. Joshua had this to learn. He had been so long the servant of God’s servant Moses, and had with such assurance received God’s word at his mouth, that Moses and the God of Moses had become blended in his thinking, so blended that he could hardly separate the two thoughts; by association they always appeared together in his mind. Now Moses is dead, and lest the young Joshua be struck down with despair God spoke to assure him, “As I was with Moses, so I will be with thee” (Joshua 1:5; 3:7). Nothing had changed and nothing had been lost. Nothing of God dies when a man of God dies.


1. The Eternal Continuum

2. In Word, or in Power

3. The Mystery of the Call

4. Victory through Defeat

5. The Forgotten One … and more

GOD’S PURSUIT OF MAN Author: A. W. Tozer SRP: Php325 (141 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)



The ability to wait and delay gratification has to do with a person’s character. Every time your child asks you for a piece of cookie, and you immediately give it to him or her every time, it’s not just about feeding your kid the cookie. It’s about your child’s character. And you are feeding your child’s character with wrong things.

We have to remember that when we’re teaching our kids about waiting and delayed gratification, it’s not just about the now. We are actually molding their attitude. We are actually setting them up for success. We are actually preparing them for the future.


1. What is the Purpose of this Book?

2. Financial Skills

3. Money Taboos

4. Being Good Role Models

5. Ten Enriching Money Lessons to Teach Your Kids … and more

RAISING UP MONEYWISE KIDS Authors: Chinkee Tan and Kayla Tan SRP: Php400 (183 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)



Henri Nouwen once directed my attention to a lovely picture hanging in his apartment and said simply, “That is lectio divina.” The painting depicted a woman with an open Bible in her lap but her gaze was lifted upward. You understand, I am sure. We are coming to the text and seeing through the text, even beyond the text, to the Lord of the text.


Part 1 Catching the Vision

1. Seeing the Bible Afresh

2. Entering the Word of the Bible

3. Experiencing the with-God Life

Part 2 Nurturing the Intention

4. Reading with the Heart

5. Reading with the Mind … and more

LIFE WITH GOD Author: Richard Foster SRP: Php300 (224 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)



Moms can be vulnerable to needing only affirmation. We need to have husbands, friends, and wise counselors who are not afraid to tell us the truth. It is possible to lose friends over the issue of truth telling. While we cannot control how others receive counsel, we must be humble in our willingness to hear another’s perspective. If someone comes to you about your child, don’t turn that person away in a huff. Both Gregory and I are grateful when other adults come to us about our children. I don’t mean gossip, which is toxic, but real facts that as parents we need to be aware of. Don’t be one of those parents other parents are afraid to approach. Gregory and I learned that the daughter of one of our family friends was selling drugs to support her own drug habit. We told our friends what we knew, but sadly, they were in denial and didn’t want to hear the truth.


1. A Wise Mom: Love is the Foundation

2. A United Family: Building Belonging

3. The Importance of Vision: Thriving Families

4. Breaking Generational Curses: Wholeness is Possible

5. Moms are Not Perfect: That Never Was the Goal … and more

BE THE BEST MOM YOU CAN BE Authors: Marina Slayton and Gregory W. Slayton SRP: Php299 (243 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)




The gospel is distinct from the other two approaches: In its view, everyone is wrong, everyone is loved, and everyone is called to recognize this and change. By contrast, elder brothers divide the world in two: “The good people (like us) are in and the bad people, who are the real problem with the world, are out.” Younger brothers, even if they don’t believe in God at all, do the same thing, saying: “No, the open-minded and tolerant people are in and the bigoted, narrow-minded people, who are the real problem with the world, are out.”

But Jesus says: “The humble are in and the proud are out” (see Luke 18:14). The people who confess they aren’t particularly good or open-minded are moving toward God, because the prerequisite for receiving the grace of God is to know you need it.


The Parable

1. The People around Jesus: Two Kinds of People Why People Like Jesus but Not the Church

2. The Two Lost Sons: The Lost Younger Brother The Younger Brother’s Plan … and more


THE PRODIGAL GOD Author: Timothy Keller SRP: Php775 (156 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)



The Bible has shaped most of my thoughts about commitment. Statistics — such as the ones presented in earlier chapters — actually support the principles I found there. In a nutshell, I have concluded that healthy marriages are built on an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person by an imperfect person.

There are two kinds of commitment: conditional and unconditional. A conditional commitment is contractual. It is based on certain conditions being met or performed. If the conditions are not met, the commitment is null and void. An unconditional commitment is based on a covenant. No matter what happens, the commitment stands. It is not performance based


Case Study A (Part 1) Justin and Brooke: In the Beginning

Part 1: Living Together

1. First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

2. The Five Reasons

3. Welcome to the Real World

4. Rehearsal for Marriage … and more

BEFORE YOU LIVE TOGETHER Author: David Gudgel SRP: Php195 (172 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)

   17814200_269929850123900_2887309178246889799_oENTERING A TWO-WAY STREET

A pair of verses from Proverbs looks at healthy families from divergent perspectives. The second half of Proverbs 17:6 (NIV) says, “parents are the pride of their children,” while Proverbs 23:24 (NIV) declares, “The father of a righteous man has great joy; he who has a wise son delights in him.”

You know you’ve found a healthy, happy family when the children in that home take pride in their parents. Not only are they unashamed of Mom and Dad, they brag about them to their friends. They include them in their plans. They crave their guidance and their approval and they take every opportunity to “show them off.”


1. A Privilege and a Challenge

2. Children: God’s Great Gift

3. Building on a Solid Foundation

4. The Benefits of a Christian Home

5. Raising Courageous Daniels … and more

HOPEFUL PARENTING Author: David Jeremiah SRP: Php295 (254 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)



If you were asked to list the greatest causes for the breakdown of the family, what would you suggest? The culture? The media? Entertainment? Secular education? Anti-family laws and public policy? Urban blight? Poverty? Abusive or absentee fathers?

Would your list include foolish women? The more I study the ways of God, the more sobered I am by the incredible influence we as women have in our homes — for better or worse, for good or evil. The Scripture puts it this way: “The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down” (Proverbs 14:1). There are two kinds of women in this world — wise and foolish. At any given moment, you and I are either wise or foolish women; whether we realize it, we are either building our “house” or tearing it down.


Part One: The Glory of Womanhood as Created by God

1. Femininity: Developing a Biblical Perspective

2. True Beauty

3. Daddy’s Girl: Knowing God as Father Part Two: The Challenge of Biblical Womanhood in a Fallen World

4. Portrait of a Woman Used by God

5. Becoming a Woman of Discretion … and more

BECOMING GOD’S TRUE WOMAN Author: Nancy Leigh Demoss SRP: Php275 (208 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


business matters


Are you stressed? Do you know how to deal with stress? Is there someone in the work place you hate so much that person has become the very source of your stress? So how do you deal with it?

Stress is caused by two opposing forces pulling against each other. We usually think of this as something negative, but some kinds of stress are actually essential for life. Take gravity for instance – it puts stress on your body, but you can’t live without it.

When a violinist tightens the strings on a violin, she applies stress on them. The strings are pulled in two directions. The capacity of a string to be stretched is called “tensile strength”. If

the strings are weak, they break when stretched. But if the strings are strong, the violinist is able to produce beautiful music.

People are like that. When pulled in two different directions, some people snap from the stress. Others, however,are able to handle the stress and use it to produce something beautiful. The difference is the spiritual strength of the individual.



A Short Elevator Ride

Be Careful With Your Greetings

Being A Slow Learner

Is It A Legacy Or Is It An Inheritance?

Love Is A Decision

My Husband The Geek

No Guilt This Vacation

Precious Time, Thankful Time

The Poison Plot

… and more

Author: Francis J. Kong SRP: Php550 (211 Pages)
Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Telephone number: (02) 531-5508


destination success


Note this important detail: David started the battle by aggressively running toward his enemy. He charged the giant who had terrified the Israelite army for more than a month. Likely the impact of running, as well as years of practice with a sling, helped David have more velocity to “nail” his target. David instantly became a hero that day, and for the rest of his life people would remember that he had killed mighty Goliath. It was in running toward the fearsome giant that David had the power to destroy him. Likewise, you need to run toward your fears and kill the giant problems that have held you back.

The next part of your journey will be challenging as you confront the giants that have held you back. You will have to run as fast as you can toward things with which you may have been afraid to deal. Know that as you run you are going to break through to a new level of success.


Part 1: The Success Focus


1. Secret # 1: Defining What Success Means to You

2. Envisioning Success

3. Secret # 2: Finding Success Every Day

4. What to Do with the Elvis in You

Part 2: The Success Fear

5. Facing Your Success Fears

6. Secret # 3: Building Success by Mastering Yourself

… and more

Author: Dwight Bain SRP: Php195 (251 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Telephone number: (02) 531-5508



A few days later, a urinalysis showed that my wife had urinary tract infection (UTI). I tried to hide my panic, knowing that the two major causes of death in SLE are renal failure and infection. I put up an “all-is-well” front, trying to appear that I had everything under control. That was my mistake.

Although my sister-in-law, Chilet, lived with us, and Ting had a loving set of in-laws that were a phone call away, I took all the burden of nursing and “healing” my wife back to perfect health upon my then weary shoulders. With my mind dulled by lack of sleep, my temper shortened and my judgment was becoming questionable.


Part 1 Help Heal with Hope

1. “What’s Happening to Me?”

2. A Survivor Meets her Match?

3. Scare the Fear Away with Hope

4. Choose to be a Tigger, not an Eeyore

5. The Caretaker’s Role … and more


Author: Ardy Roberto SRP: Php215 (267 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


choose your attitude


If you are a supervisor or one in authority, you must also be aware of how you respond to the opinions of your subordinates as it can have a detrimental impact on morale and productivity. Even if someone puts forth an idea that you find without merit, you must resist the temptation to dismiss it on the spot. A simple “Thanks for your input” will have a greater impact than “That won’t work.”

Whatever the relationship, when you are dismissive toward anyone, it sends a message: “Your issue is insignificant to me,” “Your feelings or opinions don’t matter,” “I’m disregarding you or your idea.”


Attitudes to Choose

1. Choose to Connect

2. Choose to Let Go of Anger

3. Choose to Live Passionately

4. Choose to Build Others Up

5. Choose to be Peaceable

… and more

Author: Deborah Smith Pegues SRP: Php135 (162 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store)
Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


how to impact


Everyone has a “kindness kit” that they carry everywhere. It is called the tongue. Never underestimate the power of just one kind word. A Japanese proverb says, “One kind word can warm three winter months.” It is easy to react to acts of kindness with kindness. The real challenge is to respond with kindness to those who lack it. Kindness flows easily to those who treat us well; it is difficult to be kind to those who don’t. And we must be kind through our deeds and words.

In the comic strip Nancy, Sluggo once said to Nancy, “That new kid in school is nothing but a big fathead!”

“You shouldn’t call people names like that,” Nancy said. “I never call people names.”

“Well, I just got mad when he said you were stupid looking.”

“What else did that big fathead say?” Nancy demanded.



1. The Killer App

2. Joy Ride

3. In the Eye of the Storm

4. A Snail’s Pace Can Be Fast Enough

5. You Can’t Be Too Kind

.. and more

Author: James Merrit SRP: Php495 (155 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store)
Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


lead for gods sake


“Well, you’re partially right. Something like that is never completely any one person’s fault, even a leader’s,” answered Joe, “because each individual still has their own choices to make in terms of their attitudes, desires, and actions in response to those they’re supposed to be following. But be that as it may, you’re still primarily responsible for their loss of those things, because, to a large extent, as their leader you’ve led them down the wrong path.” Joe stopped and looked at Coach, waiting for him to acknowledge the truth in his statement. Coach gave him an affirming nod. “So, in effect, you should feel responsible to lead them back.”


1. The Need to Lead

2. The Good Life

3. Missing Something


4. Priorities

5. Get Outta Here

.. and more

Author: Todd G. Gongwer SRP: Php325 (244 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store)
Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


7 secrets


A role is the prescribed or expected behavior in relation to a particular position or status in a group or organization. On the other hand, a responsibility is the duty or obligation one has to do in order to accomplish goals.

Well-defined roles and responsibilities are important for order and harmony in a workplace. Their absence results in conflicts and low productivity, in the reign of “each to its own scenario,” which is a sure formula for a workplace disaster.


First Secret: Value Your Time

Second Secret: Acclimatize, Adapt, Adjust

Third Secret: Go Veggie to be Healthy

Fourth Secret: Define Roles and Responsibilities Well

Fifth Secret: Multiply and Create Surplus

Sixth Secret: Bear God’s Image Always

Seventh Secret: Take a Rest and Worship God

Author: Joey Umali SRP: Php120 (92 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store)
Landline #: (02) 531-5508Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


25 most commonBE A DECISION MAKER

Someone once said that it is easy to be decisive because nearly everyone else is indecisive. If only it were that easy. There are a number of things that play into making good decisions: an innate gut reaction, emotions, logic, history, experience, responsibility, accountability, and knowledge. You shouldn’t make decisions because of emotions, whether yours or others. Leadership decisions must often be made on the basis of common sense and management principles. Business decisions are best made in light of what is good for the business. This may or may not include the feelings and emotions of others; but you cannot make rational, wise decisions if you overemphasize the feelings of others.


1. Agendas: Meetings:

2. Appearances: Dress and Diet

3. Attitudes: Optimism and a Positive Work Climate

4.Communication: Hindrances to Good Communication

5. Communication: Improving Your Communication Skills

Author: Jim Zabloski SRP: Php350 Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store)
Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)



One way we subtly get around the emotional dilemma of claiming to value something without acting on it is to procrastinate. This process engages the will and intent but not the body or action. It is akin to having the motor running with the car in park. No one can accuse us of not caring. It’s clear we do because our intent is to “get around to it.” Our yes is evident by our emotional support, but our real yes is avoided because, for all practical purposes, we have not acted on the yes. We hold the check in our hand but have not cashed it. Just a little more time, a bit more organization, a few more dollars or accomplishments and it’s as good as done.


Author: Dr. Alan E. Nelson SRP: Php165 (255 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store)
Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)




think on these things


My friend Joe Sawyer tells a cute story about a boy who was fishing one day. An elderly man who was fishing nearby noticed that the young lad was having considerable success in his endeavor. What was more unusual than the amount of fish he could catch was what he would do with the fish once they were successfully landed on the bank. The boy would hold each fish up to his hand and measure it. If the fish was larger than his hand, he would throw it back into the water. He kept only the small ones.

Finally curiosity motivated the old man to slip over to the young boy and ask, “Son, why do you keep the small fish and throw the large ones back into the water?”


Part I: Wisdom from the Word

1. Think on These Things

2. Who Knocked a Hole in the Roof?

3. Who Patched Up the Roof?

4. I Couldn’t Care More

5. Your Reaction Shows Your Christianity

… and more

Author: John C. Maxwell SRP: Php65 (179 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store)
Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


transforming leadersTHE GIFT OF ADMINISTRATION

 The gift of administration has not been seriously considered in Bible Colleges and among Christian leaders. Some consider it too business-like and may lack spirituality. The Scripture include administration as one of the gifts. I pointed out Moses, Aaron, Joseph, Solomon, and Nehemiah. They were not only leaders but administrative giants.

John Wesley was a great administrator. Whitefiled was more popular, oratorical, and charismatic. He stood before 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 crowds and kept them glued. But Methodism’s influence, led by Wesley, resulted to Holiness movements and eventually Wesleyanism. It swelled and was sustained. Credit that to Wesley’s ability to organize and mobilize, along with his passion to evangelize.


1. The Nature of the Church

2. Biblical Concepts of Administration

3. Principles of Administration in Relation to the Filipino Culture

4. Church Order

5. Sketches towards Church Transformation

… and more

Author: Dr. Alfonso G. Pablo, Sr. SRP: Php275 (189 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store)
Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)




As an Encouraging Spouse, you crave approval. It’s in your DNA. You feed off of winning the acceptance of those around you — especially your spouse. You thrive on compliments. You have a built-in radar detector for approval that never turns off. You constantly monitor your approval rating, looking for the slightest movement in either the positive or negative direction. If it goes down, you immediately shift tactics to gain more favor. If you sense your spouse doesn’t like what you’re wearing, even slightly, for example, you feel compelled to try on something different.

In addition to approval, you want affection.


Part One: What’s a “Love Style”?

Why You Love the Way You Do

Uncovering Your Personal Love Style

Part Two: The Four Love Styles

L-Leader: The Take-Charge Spouse

O-Optimist: The Encouraging Spouse … and more

Putting Your Love Styles to Work for You
Authors: Drs. Les & Leslie Parrot SRP: Php600 (214 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store)
Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)




Nearly everyone interested in the Bible has had the frustrating experience of vaguely remembering a biblical passage but being at a loss when it comes to locating that verse in the pages of Scripture. While not all Bibles are physically large, the Bible itself is huge, in terms of its content. In fact, the Bible is not one book, but a collection of sixty-six books, containing over 790,000 words in a typical English version, making it one of the largest single volumes most people own. In addition, most people remember words and phrases better than Scripture references. For example, you may remember that once familiar verse about how “God so loved the world,” but not be able to track it down in the pages of your Bible. However, you may remember bits and pieces of its wording. For example, you may recall that the verse also contains the words “begotten” and “perish.”

STRONG’S EXHAUSTIVE CONCORDANCE OF THE BIBLE Author: James Strong SRP: Php1,395 (1,685 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)





“You know how troubled I am; you have kept a record of my tears. Aren’t they listed in your book?” Psalm 56:8 (GNT)

Ang pag-iyak ay isang uri ng katapangan. Katapangan na harapin ang kasakitan. Katapangan na sabihin sa sarili mo na may hangganan ang iyong kakayahan. Katapangan sa pag-amin na kailangan mo ng tulong ng iba.

Hindi ko makakalimutan ang pinakamatinding pagluha ko sa aking buhay. Naganap iyon sa huling gabi ng burol ng aking ama. Habang sinasariwa ko ang kanyang magagandang alaala, kung paano siya naging proud sa akin bilang anak, para akong isang bulkan na sumabog.


1. Separate Lives

2. If Love is Blind

3. One Last Cry

4. Out of the Blue

5. You are Not Alone … and more

LOVE STRUCK Sakit No More Edition Author: Ronald Molmisa SRP: Php75 (138 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


16587206_242165722900313_3133021263027007809_o MY DREAM

When I was a little girl, my father spent most of his waking hours working at his building supply company, observing construction sites, or socializing with his colleagues and associates. Even though his place of business was only a few blocks from out home, his heart was miles away in a place I could never find.

My father didn’t drink alcohol every day, but when he did, it consumed him. Dad was filled with a rage that always seemed to be boiling just beneath the surface of his tough exterior. When he drank, that rage spewed out like hot lava onto those around him. Unfortunately, my mother was the most common target.


Childhood Dreams

1. To Have a Daddy Who Loves Me

2. To Be a Bride

3. To Be a Mommy

4. To Be Beautiful

5. To Have a Best Friend … and more

THE FIVE DREAMS OF EVERY WOMAN Author: Sharon Jaynes SRP: Php195 (267 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


joshua harris


“Among you,” God tells His children, “there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or any kind of impurity” (Ephesians 5:3). It’s because of clear commands like this and the reality of our God-given sexual appetites that we face “hammock” moments — moments when we must choose between what our bodies crave and what we know our Lord has instructed.

The temptation may be as seemingly innocent as deciding when to kiss, or as serious as choosing when to sleep together. Whatever it is, the internal struggle is the same. The question boils down to, whom will you believe? Will you heed the clear commands of Scripture and the voice of your conscience, or the voice of compromise that’s offering immediate pleasure? What’s really going to make you happy?


Part 1: Rethinking Romance

1. What I’ve Learned Since I Kissed Dating Goodbye
From Waiting to Knowing – A Personal Story

2. Rediscovering Courtship
A Return to Purposeful Romance

2. Romance and Wisdom: A Match Made in Heaven
Why You Need More than Just Intense Feelings

4. Tell Me How, Tell Me Who, Tell Me When!
How God Guides You to the Right Thing at the Right Time … and more

BOY MEETS GIRL Author: Joshua Harris SRP: Php325 (247 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


be skillfulDISRESPECT

Disrespect for parents usually begins with disrespect for the Word of God that parents seek to teach to their children. “A fool despises his father’s instruction” (15:5 NKJV). “He who despises the word will be destroyed, but he who fears the commandment will be rewarded” (13:13 NKJV). Sometimes children go off to college or a university and get poisoned by ideas that are contrary to Scripture, and then they come home to tell everybody how stupid and old-fashioned their parents are. If children maintain this haughty attitude, they’ll eventually rob their parents (28:24), curse their parents (20:20), and bring shame to their parents (19:26).

Under the old covenant, children who disobeyed their parents and broke the law were in danger of losing their lives.

1. Don’t Just Make a Living, Make a Life!

2. Is Anybody Listening? (Proverbs 1:7-33; 8-9)

3. The Path of Wisdom and Life (Proverbs 2-4)

4. The Path of Folly and Death (Proverbs 5:1-7)

5. People, Wise and Otherwise (The Wise and the Wicked) … and more

BE SKILLFUL Author: Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe SRP: Php225 (218 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)



The seriousness of the charge of disobedience to parents lies in the fact that it is a breach of a basic covenant command (5:16), and that the family is an essential means of maintaining the covenant in Israel (6:7, 21-25; cf. Mk. 7:10). Presumably, the disobedience in question is of a very serious kind; the loose life-style indicated by v 20 may simply be a symptom of a determined opposition to the ways of God which the parents have tried to teach (18).

This apparently unnatural law aims to stress the responsibility of parents to
maintain the covenant. Indeed, it fell to parents, in principle, to initiate legal action against a son who threatened the well-being of the whole community because of his defiance of the covenant standards.

NEW BIBLE COMMENTARY SRP: Php2,295 (1,455 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)





Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

We are the product of the decisions we make each day of our life. That’s why Proverbs tells us to watch over our hearts. We must protect ourselves from deceit, lust, pride, and many other potential pitfalls. A man fights the good fight in his mind all the time. This is where the enemy attacks our weak areas. Here are some ways for you to protect your heart, and in turn, keep your mind fixed on God’s righteousness:

1. Know the truth…

2. Be aligned with God’s Word…

3. Share your discernment of truth with others..


One Minute Alone with God Prayer

1. Have You Left Your First Love?

2. Lasting Joy 3. Love Without Measure

4. A Father’s Open Arms

5. Your Sins Will Find You Out … and more

ONE MINUTE ALONE WITH GOD FOR MEN Author: Bob Barnes SRP: Php120 (167 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


love is a flame


Friendship is often a great springboard to later romance. When love does bloom, it springs up in the midst of a relationship that may already be mutual, self-sacrificing, and beneficial for both parties. Love blooms well in this type of soil.

When romance grows as it should, two mature individuals begin to forge a lifelong friendship that is based on mutual respect, shared values, and compatible temperaments. Each one gladly makes sacrifices for the good of the other, and each one strives to help the other become the very best person he or she can be. This kind of mutual sacrifice characterizes long-term, highly satisfied married couples — they look out for each other, support each other, speak well of each other, and build each other up.


1.  We’ll Always Have Paris

2. While He Was Sleeping

3. Moonlight, Roses, and Kids with Stuffed Noses

4. Encouraging My Dream

5. True Confessions … and more

LOVE IS A FLAME Compiled by James Stuart Bell SRP: Php595 (239 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)




Emerson wrote: “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

There is an extraordinary, dynamic quality about enthusiasm. It is permeated by a victorious attitude so powerful that it sweeps all before it. It brings the personality alive, releasing dormant powers.

The difference between enthusiasm and faith is very slight indeed. Perhaps enthusiasm may be defined as faith that has been set afire. Enthusiasm is one of God’s greatest gifts.


1. Positive: No Problem is Too Great to Solve

2. Courageous: I Have Nothing to Fear

3. Enthusiastic: Life is Exciting!

4. Peaceful: I Don’t Need to Worry

5. Confident: I Can Change for the Better … and more

SIX ATTITUDES FOR WINNERS Author: Norman Vincent Peale SRP: Php115 (87 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


16177737_234837446966474_3544669961601413544_oCRUCIFY THE “WHY”

We all have longed to know why something happened to us or to a loved one. It’s understandable. Behind that why is a deep desire to be shown a bigger picture, an explanation, or an outcome that could remotely be worthy of the loss or worth going on in life bearing that loss.

My own whys stemmed from deep disappointment and sadness. In my mind, this was not the way things were supposed to turn out if we pray and believe in the power of God to change lives. I wondered if my prayers were rejected and if this was punishment for my own mistakes and sin. I never felt mad at God, but I did want to know if a failure on my part as a mother or as a child of God made me somehow responsible.


Part 1 The Storm Clouds Gather

1. My Storm Strikes

2. God’s Weather Forecast
3. God’s Survival Kit

4. Shelter from the Storm

Part 2 The Storm Strikes

5. The Swirl … and more

LIFE AFTER THE STORM Author: Jan Harrison SRP: Php185 (217 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


16179003_236058750177677_8466339989203200727_oAND THE WINNER IS…GOD!

Sa pagpapatuloy ng kuwento ay naging born-again ang biker. Nagbago ang buhay ng lalaki. Nagpagupit ito, nagpaahit, nanamit ng maayos. Ang lahat ng iyon ay bunga raw ng spiritual transformation nito.

Habang nanonood, sumisingit sa isip ni Vinna na kung tutulad siya sa biker na naging born-again ay kailangan din pala niyang magpagupit ng maigsi at gupit-lalaki. Nagkaroon ng pangitain si Vinna na pinuputol ang buhok niya. Tutol ang buong pagkatao niya sa idea! Hindi niya gusto ang gupit-lalaking buhok. “Lord, parang hindi ko kaya ‘yan,” sabi niya habang nakatutok ang tingin sa TV screen.


1. Namamayagpag sa Japan

2. Paalam, My Love!

3. Sex Reassignment

4. Ang Katuparan ng Pangarap?

5. Ang Pangako ng Kaalaman … at marami pang iba

TRANSFORMED Author: Vins Santiago SRP: Php295 (248 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


16143858_235432796906939_3473072448422633024_oFOR OURSELVES, HUMBLY REMEMBER THAT WE WERE ONCE EX-SINNERS AS WELL

In I Corinthians 6, there is a long list of sinners who would not inherit the kingdom of God and at the end, the apostle Paul says to the church in v. 11, “Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.” The church was filled with ex-adulterers, ex-thieves, ex-effeminate, ex-homosexuals, etc…. and we were all ex-sinners as well. But by the grace of God, we were saved — nothing to boast about, nothing to be proud about, nothing to our own credit. We still sin, but now, we have the power to live victoriously in Christ. And when we remember that, we will have more compassion and humility.


1. Homosexuality, Marriage & the Bible I

2. Homosexuality, Marriage & the Bible II

3. Coming out Straight

4. Understanding the Truth about Homosexuality: Balancing Truth and Grace

5. Why Homosexuality is Not like Other Sins … and more

HOMOSEXUALITY, GAY MARRIAGE & THE BIBLE (BIBLICAL SERMONS AND STUDIES) Selected by: Doug Nichols SRP: Php150 (137 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


16300329_236542743462611_1662939682067497058_oWHAT CAN PARENTS DO?

The most effective way of ensuring e-safety is to equip adults and children with the critical tools that they need to understand the varied facets of the ever changing digital world. Many adults don’t have the technological know-how to keep track of what teens are up to online. As a result, a victim’s experience may be missed and a bully’s actions may be left unchecked. Even if bullies are identified, many adults find themselves unprepared to adequately respond. Media literacy is the key.

It is important for parents to understand what constitutes cyber bullying and how bullies perpetrate cyber bullying.


1. How Digital Technologies Rewire Your Brain and Reshape Your Life

2. Is Pandora Closer to God?

3. “You are the Person of the Year”: Understanding You in Blogging and Social Networking

4. Preparing Our Children for Successful Literacy in the Digital Age … and more

LIGHTS AND SHADOWS OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES Author: Grace Shangkuan Koo, PhD SRP: Php270 (183 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)



Welcome to the real world of marriage, where hairs are always in the sink and little white spots cover the mirror, where arguments center on which way the toilet paper comes off and whether the lid should be up or down. In this world, a look can hurt and a word can crush. Intimate lovers can become enemies, and marriage a battlefield.

What happened to the “in-love” experience?


1. Staying in Love After the Wedding

2. Love Language # 1: Words of Affirmation

3. Love Language # 2: Quality Time

4. Love Language # 3: Receiving Gifts

5. Love Language # 4: Acts of Service … and more

THE HEART OF THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES Author: Gary Chapman SRP: Php150 (86 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


15732484_224059584710927_8887012914328202692_oKNOWING THE HOLY SPIRIT THROUGH WORSHIP

On another occasion, while we were having a weekend retreat at our church, we experienced this yet again — the river of God — through worship. We were supposed to have our session on “The Holy Spirit.” About an hour was allotted for this particular session.

As always, we would start a session with a song to ready our hearts for the word. We only sang one song- Love Song (of Christ for the Nations Institute), which was a fast praise song. And at the end when we hit “It’s wonderful! It’s wonderful!” heaven broke loose. That last chord was delivered — and it went on and on and on!


1. Intensified Worship

2. Programs Messed-Up

3. Healings and Miracles Take Place

4. Love is Stirred Up

5. Soul Winning Multiplied … and more

PRESENCE DRIVEN (With Study Guide) Author: Hiram G. Pangilinan SRP: Php250 (249 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)


Patience is the ability to be wronged, inconvenienced, wearied, or inundated and yet still wait on God for that person or situation and not retaliate, punish, or give up.

Other words for “patient” are tolerant, forgiving, charitable, big-hearted, openhearted, sympathetic, understanding, enduring, steadfast, constant, unwavering, tireless, undiscouraged, and forbearing.

To be patient is to put up with, make the best of it, grin and bear it, and be uncomplaining. Are we always that way with everyone? Not likely.


First Choice

Choose to Receive God’s Love for You

1. See Yourself the Way God Sees You

2. Understand Who God Really Is

3. Receive All God Has for You

4. Read God’s Love Letter to You

5. Accept God’s Grace and Mercy

… and more
CHOOSE LOVE Author: Stormie Omartian SRP: Php675 (262 Pages) Available at PCBS (Phil. Christian Book Store) Landline #: (02) 531-5508 Mobile #: 09233472629 (Monday-Friday) Mobile #: 09222447592 (Saturday-Sunday)