Get Heart Evangelista’s YSL New Wave SL 276 sunglasses lookalike
by EO Executive Optical | February 02, 2022 at 10:14am

Fashion queen Heart Evangelista has taken the world by storm during the Paris Couture Spring/Summer 2022 fashion shows in France, leaving YSL New Wave SL 276 sunglasses sold out across the globe. Craving for those flashy YSL sunglasses?



Here’s the perfect Executive Optical sunglasses to ace that Love Marie ensemble: Weelisa C4 EO sunwear !


Evangelista wore a custom-made black-and-white Mark Bumgarner dress and a stunning (but sold out) YSL New Wave SL 276 sunglasses. Yes, she did a lot of jaw-dropping outfits during the latest fashion week but her fashion influence was well catapulted when she left people gaga over this expensive pair of glasses.


Sport that stunning look without spending Php20,000 excluding the hefty shipping fee. This Weelisa C4 sunwear by Executive Optical will give you that PFW-ready look without breaking the bank –



The Weelisa C4 EO Sunwear is made of Polaroid lens, perfect to protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays (while making your look extra fashionable)!


The fashion icon once sported an iconic Yoon Se-Ri look in July 2020, from the hit series Crash Landing on You, where she also used another pair of oversized frames to get that statement look.


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