6 Colors of Lenses for Sunglasses and 6+ Benefits of using them
by EO Executive Optical | January 18, 2022 at 10:10am

Many of us have this idea – choosing a pair of sunglasses is as simple as finding one that blocks the yellow sun and looks good on our faces. Somehow this is right but there is much more to the process. Will you believe that polarized sunglasses provide more benefits aside from adding beauty points for you? Better continue reading…

Red, green, yellow! There are lots of lens tints available on the shelves. Again, they are not just for aesthetics. These colors serve a purpose.

In general, dark lenses are best for everyday use of those who spend the day mostly outdoors. Dark colored based lenses cut through the sun’s glare more easily and it prevents eye damage in bright conditions.

On the other hand, light color lenses are best for moderate and low-level lighting situations.




Here’s a breakdown of 6 lens color and where they are perfect to use


  •         Contains a red element for low-light conditions
  •         Good for variable everyday conditions
  •         Enhances contrast



  •         Offers better sight in hazy conditions
  •         Provides greater clarity in fog, haze and other low-light conditions
  •         Filter out blue light from computer screens and other electronic devices that can cause eye fatigue (lead to fewer headaches)



  •         Improves visual depth
  •         Reduces eye strain
  •         Best choice for people who need good road visibility (see those cyclists and the helmets of road racers?)
  •         Offers greatest amount of contrast



  •         Trendy and aesthetically pleasing (looks cool on you LOL)
  •         Reduces glare
  •         Helps define contours
  •         Enhances color perception



  •         Good for general purposes (safe bet indeed)
  •         Offers even color perception
  •         Dims glare while brightening shadows
  •         Provides good contrast for low-light conditions




  •         Good for general purpose use too
  •         Reduces eye fatigue
  •         Provides true color perception
  •         Minimizes glare, especially off water
  •         Darkest tint with highest available light reduction


There you have it. So, the next time you shop for sunglasses for sale, pick the one that looks good on you and most especially, the one that your eyesight needs. Go for the red lenses if you hit the roads much of the day. Grey and Green are safe bets. Yellow lens will give you fewer headaches while working on your laptop. Blue is cool!