Eyeglasses Frame Types
by EO Executive Optical | November 15, 2021 at 10:06pm

Apart from the lens, we check for the type of frame when shopping for eyeglasses. We look for the type that will flatter our face shapes, the one that fits our personality and lifestyle, as well as fits the bill in our budget. There are various eyeglasses frame for sale in the market, and it is helpful for us to be familiar with its three main types:



A full-rimmed frame, as its name suggests, has a frame fully surrounding the lens. For this reason, it is sturdy and durable. Dropping it accidentally won’t immediately cause lens damage because of the extra protection. It can come in different materials, e.g. acetate, metal, titanium, and plastic. Full-rimmed eyeglasses frame in the market also gives a bold aura to the wearer.


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These eyeglasses have frames only on the half of the lens, normally as a solid structure on top though some that have it on the lower portion. Half-rim eyeglasses frames in the market are best for people who want to wear something lighter than the full-rimmed but maintain some amount of durability and lens protection.

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Rimless eyeglasses frame for sale is ideal for people who want to sport something lightweight, minimal, and modern. These eyeglasses have nothing surrounding the lens aside from the hinges, temple arms, and nose bridge elements. It provides the largest field of vision compared to other types of eyeglasses although it makes it more delicate at the same time.


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Whether you prefer the bold and durable full-rimmed frame, the minimalist rimless, or the best-of-both-worlds semi-rimless frame, the most important factor is that you can get the comfort and function you need from your chosen eyeglasses.