Will Alcohol Clean My Anti-Radiation Glasses?
by EO Executive Optical | October 13, 2021 at 08:35am

With the pandemic and all, the need to make everything we wear and touch clean as much as possible has become more compelling than ever. Our eyeglasses should not be overlooked in following this sanitary habit. Especially for people who need to wear anti-radiation glasses, the question of how to properly clean and sanitize is significant. More so, if we normally use alcohol to sanitize other things then will it be appropriate for our anti-radiation glasses as well?


YES and NO.

Why? Let us clear out the confusion.



There are eyeglass cleaning products that contain alcohol diluted with water; some eyewear companies and labs even use the same alcohol-based solution in disinfecting their products as well.  An important note, however, is that only a small amount should be used. This is also applied only on the tips of the temples to ensure that the frame material will not be damaged.

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Considering the above, it is more recommended to clean your anti-radiation glasses with warm water with a drop of mild dishwashing soap. Massage the soap onto each lens then rinse. Lens wipes and lens-specific cleansing solutions can also do the job if you are outside the house.


Anti-radiation glasses need extra care in terms of cleaning. Using the appropriate method and solution is key in keeping them of excellent quality. If you do have access to lukewarm water and mild dishwashing liquid, then do your anti-radiation glasses a big favor by using them. Equally important to note as well is to use a clean microfiber cloth in drying the eyeglasses.


Our eyes deserve care and protection against harmful substances in the environment. If we keep our anti-radiation glasses spotlessly clean, we’re already halfway through the battle.