How to be safe when purchasing contact lenses for sale online
by EO Executive Optical | December 21, 2020 at 10:24am

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us several lessons, including how online shopping is a necessity to survive.  But how do you safeguard yourself from several online transactions such as choosing from contact lenses that are for sale online?

online purchase contact lens eyeglasses

Choosing the appropriate contact lenses

Contact lenses are highly essential for people who prefer a tool for vision correction that offers more sense of normalcy as well as aesthetic advantages.  For all of the classifications of contact lenses for sale, wearing time should be one of the key factors to review. This entails knowing the expiry date of the lenses.  Daily wear type of lenses must be removed before sleeping, while extended wear lenses allow the user to keep the contact lenses worn overnight.


One important reminder, though, for first time users of contact lenses. Ideally, an eye examination and fitting should take place before purchasing contact lenses for eye conditions that require more careful attention.


Choosing the optimal brand

Especially true when scouting for contact lenses that are for sale online, you have to pick the brand that you trust.  Make sure that you are going to transact only on the official online stores of your chosen brand.


When choosing your contact lenses provider, make price the lesser important determining factor. The quality of the eye product should be given more premium.  Be extra creative in doing your research of the better brand. 


Practicing digital literacy and currency

Digital literacy forms a big part in ensuring safety when purchasing contact lenses online.  In an article that was recently published at BusinessMirror website, New York-based think tank TransUnion reported a more than double increase in suspected online fraud in the Philippines in March 11 to April 28 of the current year, making the country the 76th rank with the highest percentage of suspected digital fraud. 


There are very simple ways to check if the website that you are transacting with is secured or otherwise.  Look at the URL of the website and check if it uses HTTPS.  Be keen in spotting red flags such as wrongly spelled words and non-operational contact numbers.  Digging up reviews about the brand is also a best practice before purchasing online.


If in case you experience unwanted or inaccurate billing, call your credit card provider or bank immediately to report such incident.


Keeping it sanitized

Now that we are still slowly adapting to the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is proper to be extra cautious when receiving packages of items  bought online.


Aside from this, handle the contact lenses with utmost care when wearing it.  Sanitize your hands with soap and water before touching the lenses. Rinse the lenses before using it; soak in the prescribed solution upon removal of lenses.  


The year that is about to end has reminded us that change is inevitable.  With the many lifestyle changes that can be considered essential because of the challenges of a pandemic, safety remains a top priority.  Always be careful when purchasing contact lenses that are for sale online.