Identifying your best New Year’s resolution
by EO Executive Optical | November 11, 2020 at 02:28pm

Probably, ending 2020 is one of the most exciting things—if not the most looked forward to—that any of us can think of right now. The current year is a major disruptor across all levels, but have you thought of your New Year’s resolution?

Sure, you have had a long list of promising resolutions in the past. Were they attainable? Here is a simple, easily achievable item but definitely a life saver. And a career saver, too!

Getting an eye checkup is actually a necessity, but often taken for granted. People normally decide to get their eyes checked when symptoms start to aggravate, such as headache and significant changes in vision. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), vision disability is among the top 10 disabilities of people 18 years old and above. Aside from such becoming one of the most prevalent among children. CDC also reported that of 93 million adults in United States, at least only half have gotten their eyes checked in the past 12 months.


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For Kids


One major tectonic shift following the COVID-19 pandemic is the fully online education. And when we say online, it means long hours of exposure to computer screens and other gadgets. Add to this the already existing screen time consumed on leisure activities. Imagine what could be the long-term effect of this abrupt shift to online learning and its implication to eye health of students. Indeed, this is only one of the lifestyle changes that have to be taken care of. From here, we can see that getting an eye checkup becomes more of a necessity. The pandemic is reminding as of such, impliedly.


For Working Adults


Likewise, increased screen time by most professionals who are working from home and the office poses a threat to eye health. And from all the occupations known to mankind, eye function is the most vital component not to mention it is heavily connected to many bodily functions. When you have a career that has started to flourish or when you have a career that you need to sustain, eye health is definitely a major consideration. Even if you think you are doing fine now, your eyes’ function may have started deteriorating; it may have just not manifested yet.


For Elderly


Our elderlies also need a high attention when it comes to eye checkup. Very very seldom would you find an elderly whose eye can function so well without the aid of eye glasses. More importantly for those who have existing eye conditions that need constant monitoring, eye checkup is a must.
The other health-related and personality development resolutions are equally important. This coming year, be wiser to add eye checkup on your to-do list—a regular activity that could help you save your well-balanced life and your career, too!