Keeping your Kids’ Eyes Safe this Online School Year
by EO Executive Optical | October 28, 2020 at 10:20am

The dawn of online learning is upon all of us which simultaneously keeps students safe at home but also poses new challenges like limited instruction options between teachers and students. While you can always just help your kids with their assignments or module, you should also consider the toll staring on a screen can take. From photochromic glasses with anti-radiation to proper lighting, here are some quick tips for you kids’ eye care.


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Light Up their Workspace


One of the causes of eyestrain is dynamic lighting. Changes in the brightness and colors of computer or TV screens forces our pupils to focus and dilate. To reduce this kind of strain on your kids eyes, light up their workspace enough so that the ambient lighting normalizes how bright the room is. Their eyes wouldn’t need to adjust too often and by too much with a more constant brightness.


Follow the 20 | 20 | 20 Rule



To do this, your kid doesn’t even have to get away from the table and you can remind your kid to do this even before he feels a certain amount of strain on his eyes. It would also be very helpful to situate your kid’s workspace near a window so that he can look out. 20 seconds is not that long to keep your kid’s eyes healthy.


Sunshine is more Important than Ever


One of the reasons why tabs and mobile phone contribute to poor eyesight in children is because it keeps them from getting enough outdoor time. Being outdoors help in developing advanced depth perception and if you throw in physical activity in there, it also develops their visual motor abilities. Vitamin D also help mitigate age related disease and promote deeper and timely sleep which your online learner also needs. Just make sure that they are equipped with sunglasses of photochromic glasses that help prevent UV damage.


Anti-radiation Eye Care


Speaking of UV damage, although screen have comparatively less UV radiation than the sun, constant and prolonged exposure can still contribute to eye damage. Make sure that not only does your kid have the proper eyewear to correct his vision but also that it’s coated with anti-radiation film. You can go a step ahead and add blue light filtration.


These are just some of the things that may help your kids keep their eyes healthy even with the strains and stresses of online schooling. Aside from getting photochromic lenses, sunglasses, and consistent outdoor activities, don’t forget to visit your trusted optical shop regularly as well.