Broken Eyeglasses Frames: Fix or Replace?
by EO Executive Optical | January 27, 2020 at 09:19am

Especially for people with an existing eye condition like myopia or astigmatism, the correct lenses are the important component of your glasses to make you see clearly but just as important are the frames that hold them to your face. If you have broken eyeglasses frames, should you just get it repaired, fix it yourself, or have it replaced?


How Broken


First question is how broken are your frames? If there is a simple damage, such as a loose hinge or out of shape metal parts, you can simple tighten or bend them back. Simple frame problems like these can be done yourself. Some optical shops like EO even provide a tool kit so you can do your own repair and adjustments.


However, damage like snapped stems or rims, take note that, aside from plastic, supergluing other materials might be difficult. Not to mention, DIY repairs may end up making the frames uncomfortable.


How Much


Next is cost both of your frames and how much to repair. If you have very expensive designer frames, see if you can still fix it yourself or bring it to your optical shop to see if it can still be saved. They are, after all, designer frames. Also see if repairs actually cost anything; your lenses or frames might have warranty so ask about it. Hopefully you still have the receipt or warranty card. If at any moment it seems that repairs take more time and resources than just getting a replacement, buy yourself a new pair of eyeglasses frames instead.


How Immediate


Since we’ve mentioned this already, how badly you need proper glasses is also a factor on if you should get repairs of just buy a new one. If you need glasses immediately, fitting you with new pair will only take about an hour. Repair can take a few minute or the whole day especially if you are dealing with a complicated damage and doing it yourself at the same time. Some people get migraines a couple of hours of not wearing their glasses while other can’t see without their glasses at all. Balance the cost of purchasing versus the cost of convenience when making a decision.




If anything is to be considered, it’s your convenience. Budget is only second nature considering there are affordable options but if we should have a definitive verdict of whether to repair or buy, then repair if damage is minor and get a new pair if otherwise because your broken eyeglasses frames are already compromised and this could mean that your comfort will be, too.