Brewed to Clarity: The Eyesight Benefits of Coffee
by EO Executive Optical | September 16, 2019 at 09:09am

delicious coffee

In the Philippines, the most common association we have with coffee is that it keeps us awake and so does the rest of the world—the universal idea of coffee is how it’s the source of caffeine; but there are studies that find coffee is a good partner to your prescription or corrective eyewear that can help curb retinal degeneration.


Retinal degeneration, simply put, is the slow death of the cells of the retina. This could lead to macular degeneration, the known leading cause of age related vision loss. By itself, retinal degeneration can be caused by injury but it is also an incurable part of ageing with some of us having retinas that degenerate faster than others.


It is an irreversible pathological damage than not even prescription eyewear in the Philippines can address but it can be slowed down to almost a stop with the right preventive diet and lifestyle. As you might have guessed, coffee is one of the functional foods that help in holding retinal degeneration back.


Caffeine is no secret to why coffee is so popular but there is an impression that it is all that coffee has to offer. This isn’t true in the greatest of sense; even high caffeine green coffee only has about 1% caffeine. Coffee is a complex beverage with interesting compounds and important ingredients, one of which is chlorogenic acid (CGA).


A cup of coffee is about 7-9% CGA. It is an antioxidant among anything and studies have found out that it may be a powerful neuroprotectant. Retinal degeneration, being a neurological disorder, is suspected to slowed down by CGA. In an experiment by researchers from Cornell university, mice were treated with nitric oxide, a compound known to cause oxidative stress and develop free radicals therefore promoting retinal degeneration. A sample of these mice was given CGA; these mice were observed to not have developed any retinal damage.


Although coffee is observed to be helpful in retaining eyesight, a healthy dose should only be 1-4 cups a day. Also, if you wear prescription eyewear in the Philippines, drinking more cups of your favorite Sagada brew won’t make your astigmatism go away. Moderation is the key; one too many cups of coffee might even cause you eye bags by keeping you up all night!