4 Less Obvious Signs that You Need to Replace your Eyeglasses
by EO Executive Optical | May 22, 2019 at 10:33am

Unless we’re having extreme difficulty in making out faces or reading text, it might never cross our mind to visit an eyeglasses shop in the Philippines for replacement. Other than visual impairment, how else do we know when to go see a specialist to get our eyes checked? Here are 4 things you might already be experiencing.


Fuzzy Lights and Halos


If you notice that lights in your immediate vicinity seem dispersed, fuzzy, or that light sources like bulbs or computer screens seem to emanate a faint halo around them, you might need to see your eye specialist. As most vision problems are basically your eyes having trouble processing light, less crisp live visuals might mean that you need to adjust your specs.


Trouble Focusing your Vision


Have you ever found yourself reading a long body of text and then slowly trying to get closer to the reading material, even squinting, to be able to read the next line properly? Eyesight that needs adjustment does not only present itself up front; the inability to focus your vision for prolonged times might mean you need to go to the nearest eyeglasses shop in the Philippines.


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There are times that your vision might not seem to be affected at all but you seem to always have a headache that varies in degree; this could be because your vision isn’t 100% optimum. A small change in prescription grade might have different effects to different people. Some might not notice at all while others might get whopping headaches and burning migraine from unknown causes.


Worn-out Glasses


In the Philippines, the culture is “don’t fix what is not broken” so a pair of worn out glasses that seem to still functionally work might not fall under the category of “replaceable”. If your eyeglasses already have scratches on them, if there’s a smudge on it that won’t seem to go away, that could be a wide surface scratch, or if there are stains that won’t budge like water stains, then it’s time to visit an eyeglass shop.


Don’t wait for the moment when you’re already having a really hard time recognizing faces or reading text even with your glasses on to know when you need to have them replaced. If one or more of the signs above are true for you, consider getting new glasses by tomorrow. Not only will you be helping your eyes see better, you could also up your style with new frames!