How to Make Your Kid’s Eyeglasses Seemingly Unbreakable
by EO Executive Optical | September 12, 2018 at 09:14am


There are no eyeglasses frame out there that is virtually unbreakable. Sorry, but this isn’t about reinforcing the frame or finding an indestructible material. Even the most durable ones can and will experience wear and tear. Finding a durable eyeglasses frame for kids is a smart move to make since children are generally physically active, but that’s just one part of making sure the glasses stay in top condition.


Roughhousing can happen during playtime, and that’s why it’s understandable that you’re paying for some extra protection, but all that protection is all for nothing if basic maintenance isn’t applied.


The secret to having an unbreakable eyeglasses frame for your kid is all a matter of maintenance and discipline. Buying eyeglasses for kids all for quality than quantity is a start, but what more if you can teach your child to take care of their glasses? It might even last for more than a couple of years if you also apply these tips:


General Tips and Maintenance


  1. If you’re buying a new pair of glasses for your child, consider their preference and your budget. Children nowadays prefer a look that resembles a grown-up look or a cool look (especially designer brands) just to avoid getting teased about their specs. Top it off with something corrosion resistant and flexible to add an extra layer of protection.

  2. Eyeglasses frames tend to get lost especially for the younger and more active kids that take them off. Consider attaching a lanyard to safeguard it from falling off and eventually getting lost.

  3. Speaking of taking the glasses off, remind your children to keep their eyeglasses inside the case when not in use to avoid potential damage such as scratches and exposure to the elements.

    Sub-tip: Teach kids the meaning of accountability. According to Jody Robbins, her daughter knows that if she loses her glasses, she’s responsible for paying for the replacement. And her friend’s family charges their child $1 whenever they find the glasses out of their case. Sounds like tough love but they found that it works.


  4. Get the glasses away from the physical stuff whenever possible. Remind your children to take them off and store them in a case when doing physical activities. Or, ask them to take caution when participating in one. Again, accountability.

  5. Is your kid prone to sweating? Teach them to wipe their eyeglasses frame often to avoid corrosion specifically for frames that are made of metal like aluminum and titanium alloy.

  6. Always remind the kids not to clean their glasses with their clothes or hankies. Provide them with a soft microfiber cloth to clean the lenses with even after washing with water or dish soap.


Practice your kids to never remove their glasses with one hand, especially handling them on one arm. The eyeglasses frame can be damaged irreparably so best remove it straight with both hands.


These tips would raise the lifespan of your kid’s eyeglasses frame considerably. If you teach them how to care for it the correct way, you’d save more money by avoiding costly repairs and replacements. These are the tips and tricks to keep the eyeglasses frames and lens in great condition.