The Fashion Low Down on Transition Eyeglasses
by EO Executive Optical | July 30, 2018 at 09:20am

In the Philippines, Transition eyeglasses might be the most versatile and functional pair of glasses that you can get. They aren’t very expensive, and they also can fit any kind of lifestyle. In other countries, like in the US, however, adaptive photochromic lenses have a different reputation. There is a 50-50 love it or hate it chance after owning a pair like as illustrated in this unelaborate Buzzfeed article that compiles different tweets from days long past on how inconvenient the glasses are and how much they tend to cramp up a style.



So are photochromic lenses as bad as others make it to be? This question can go both ways so we’ll have to take expert word for it. According to some sound advice from fashion consultant and Project Runway’s very own Tim Gunn and Esquire Magazine, for them to work, you have to choose frames that strike a good balance between being a pair of sunglasses and regular glasses—a condition so basic but very few actually consider before getting their Transition eyeglasses game on.


While some would also rant about how the lenses take forever to change (like in the tweet above), Gunn says that he doesn’t even notice the darkening and the transitioning. This might still be true for older versions of photochromic lenses, but Transitions has made changes in their eyewear, making it darken within second and turning clear in about a couple of minutes (maybe faster if you’re away from residual UV). If we’ll look at Dr. Melanie Denton’s review, it takes more or less five minutes in regular condition which isn’t really a noticeable amount of time if you don’t think much about it.



We’re thinking that, unlike colored contact lenses are for everyone, and every color doesn’t fit everyone’s style, Transition eyeglasses have a better functional value and much more flexible aesthetic. You can check other benefits of Transitions on their website, or you can view our products to help you start your “transition”!