Transition Eyeglasses or Sunglasses: Which to Wear When?
by EO Executive Optical | March 12, 2018 at 01:21pm

In a tropical country where it’s as hot as it is sunny most of the year, sunglasses/shades and transition eyeglasses are commodities in the Philippines. Sunglasses & transition lenses cannot be compared side by side as they only appear to be completely the same but are actually quite different especially if you’ve been used to using one or the other. Today we’ll be discussing important differences on the two eyewear pieces.


Lens Difference


The most obvious difference between the two must be the lenses—shades or sunglasses are perennially colored differently while transition lenses are nominally completely transparent if not exposed to UV. You might think that the quick answer to which of them is better when in the sun is that they’re just almost the same but the functional differences between them actually play a big role in their usability.


Transition Eyeglasses or Sunglasses Which to Wear When

Indoor Usage

Obviously, you aren’t supposed to wear heavily-tinted sunglasses indoors; it’ll be too dark to see anything. Transition eyeglasses in the Philippines are good indoors since they turn transparent when not exposed to UV. But some sunglasses are just tinted just enough so that they can still be functional for indoor use but even then, that means that the same sunglasses can’t be used outdoors where the brightness is heavier.


Outdoor Usage


For normal use, shades should do the trick, right? You grab one, go outside, and block the sun. But if you’re wearing prescription glasses, it would be a hassle to switch from one eye wear to the other so a transition lens should be a more practical & ergonomic choice.



There’s very little competition to be had between the two as they function differently especially for people who need prescription eyewear. Do remember also that, although transition eyeglasses in the Philippines does seem like the more high functioning choice, remember that it transists because of UV so even if it’s still sunny & bright outside, if your windows or car windshield have UV protection, they might not turn a dark color and thus can’t shield your eyes from brightness the way sunglasses can.

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