Google Glass Goes Even Smarter
by EO Executive Optical | September 02, 2015 at 08:10am

Imagination is the limit of today’s invention. What we consider a great trend today may be a different thing tomorrow. Innovations, specifically on gadgets, quickly change with just a blink of an eye. New and improved tools are invented for eye checkup. Reaching friends is made easy by “smarter” phones. Studying, research and learning isn’t confined within the four walls of the classroom or within the four corners of your computers and tablet. Everything keeps pushing forward.

Google’s Glass Explorer Edition (XE) has been in the works since 2013. These smart “glasses” are able to work just like a computer and/or smart phone but are not mainly operated by hand and are worn just like any ordinary eyewear. Google Glass can take photos and videos, answer messages and calls, find alternative routes and could be your map. Google Glass XE could be commanded by voice and also has a touchpad. However, Glass XE was only made available to the United States and the United Kingdom and Google closed down the Explorer Program just last January 19 so it is currently unavailable in the market.

But as far as innovation is concerned, Google is about to launch its Glass Enterprise Edition (EE) later this year. However, Google Glass developers didn’t give an update during the Google I/O 2015 Conference last 28-29thof May held in San Francisco. It is believed that Google is currently working for the release of Google Glass EE.

Though Google is being quiet about their Glass project, the industry at large is keeping an eagle eye out on any information about the Google Glass EE. According to, new few improvements on the Google Glass EE will be observed.

Google Glass EE is designed to have a larger prism. With the larger prism, Glass users would not have a hard time adjusting their vision, an issue which used to give users of Google Glass XE mild headaches and eye strains. Also, Google has opted to use a low energy Intel processor, though the exact System on Chip (SoC) has not yet been specified. Battery life has also been one of the issues of Google Glass XE so it is believed that the EE would have a moderately improved battery. Another reported “to be” feature of the EE is that it will be more durable and foldable. Google would still be in partnership with Luxottica, a fashion eyewear giant. Mr. Vian, CEO of Luxottica, however didn’t mention a thing about the timeframe for EE. Unlike XE, EE will only be released after it has been “perfected”.

And, who would have thought that a system that used to be as big and bulky as a desktop could be reflected with just a micro prism something as unassuming as sunglasses for sale? Great minds, of course! In the Philippines, with the great things a Google Glass can do, the release of the EE will revolutionize how we use and see (pun intended) computers. But just be careful that we don’t strain our eyes to much—but just in case, you’ve got EO to help you love your eyes right back.