Types of People who wear Sunglasses according to Movies
by EO Executive Optical | July 29, 2015 at 08:50am

Appearance sure does make a lasting impression. Aside from the facial and bodily features, how we dress up and accessorize say a lot about our personality before we even actually say something. This is one of the reasons why clothing stores and boutiques, fashion designers, fashion magazines, cosmetics, and salons are raking in money for simply setting a new trend in projecting yourself in public. In our fast changing world where all we can impart to faces we pass by every day is a glimpse of our selves, it’s no wonder people are investing on how they would look in public.

Wearing sunglasses has been one of those fads that surely create an impression. In our culture which has been heavily influenced by a lot of foreign movie, we tend to absorb the character’s sense for fashion. Some even go to the extent of impersonating these characters; a trait which Filipinos are rather great at. And usually those characters that wear sunglasses are with most striking personality and easily recognized. I’m not talking about the “nerd on his desperation to impress the girl she likes or to fit in with the ‘A’ crowd will always be choose to wear sunglasses to imply his rather poorly executed ‘change of image’” cliché; neither the “widow who wears sunglasses to hide her supposed-to-be swollen eyes” nor the “goons who wear them to add points to their already overflowing doucheness” tropes. To help you think about on what impression you will leave the next time you put the eyeglasses frame on, here are some of the types of people (according to movies) that may make you want to look for sunglasses for sale in the Philippines.

Someone doing undercover work of some sort
Spies, agents, reporters, and paparazzi comes to mind. Someone who is under a top secret mission, well according to movies, should wear sunglasses. And apparently, it’s one-hundred percent fool-proof especially when you pair it up with hoodies or a baseball cap. Agent K and J from Men in Black; several James Bonds like Sean Connery, Tom Ford, and Pierce Brosnan; Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible; Agent Barton (Hawkeye) from The Avengers; and the young Magneto from X-Men are among those who wore sunglasses during some of their undercover missions.

A member of the army, air force, or navy
Jamie Foxx in The Kingdom, Tom Cruise (again) in Top gear, and Bradley Cooper in American Sniper proved that a pair of sunglasses play a big role in defending the nation. Well that’s what aviator eyeglasses frame are for.

Those with problematic conditions
If you are a ninja vampire like Blade, or a Robot like the Terminator, or a mutant like Scott Summers (Cyclops), or Daredevil, you’ll probably be googling for eyeglasses for sale in Philippines. Apparently, these characters have rocked out these sunglasses not for aesthetic purposes but to help them out with their weird conditions that even an eye checkup won’t help.

Someone from the Matrix
Keanu Reeves and, well, almost everyone in the Matrix Trilogy wore their sunglasses. If this was intentional or a clitch in the Matrix System, it sure does made it impact cause those sunglasses worked.