Color Treatment for Visual Stress
by EO Executive Optical | July 06, 2015 at 09:22am

Stress could be the most stressful phenomena an individual could experience. Stressful, isn’t it? It is commonly attributed to an individual’s subjective and emotional capabilities. It is an unwanted state adapted by an individual under pressure, whereas there are stressors (mental, emotional and physical) that hinders his/her gratification and joyful responsibilities. However, eye checkups can reveal that eyes could also be stressed. Visual stress can translate to difficulty in reading where the words seem to be dancing while “white rivers” slowly start to form over them.

That is the reason behind those illusions that seem to be visually stressful to others, but not to everyone. You may also want to try testing how you would manage other visual patterns at Sharp brains. In addition, an individual experiencing visual stress is sensitive to light and tends to have headaches by looking on disturbing visual patterns.

Just like any other emotional stress, visual stress could be treated (or lessened) with a subjective material based on the personal preferences of the individual, in this case, color. Yes, color perception is subjective. Colored overlays and colored lenses inside a comfortable eyeglasses frame may help in reducing visual stress in reading. Colored overlays and lenses increases reading speed, reduces discomfort and migraine attacks brought by strong stimuli including but not limited to bright light and certain visual patterns. Colors used in this kind of overlays and lenses calms the eyes of the effected individual.