Iconic 90s characters with eyewear that we grew up with
by EO Executive Optical | June 22, 2015 at 01:18am

The 90s—ah, the decade we all love to reminisce on. These were the times when waking up early during the weekends and hurrying home after classes means cartoons and anime. You’ll probably get left out on the latest discussion with your friends about Goku and Gohan’s search for the dragon balls or about Hanamichi Sakuragi’s latest genius scheme to win Haruko’s heart if you miss a single episode. Get your old eyeglasses frames ‘cause this is about to get retro!

But aside from the adventures and the comedy, another thing that we love from these shows is the unique costumes and distinguished look that each character has. Who will forget about Shin Chan’s overly thick eyebrows, Mojacko’s round body, Kenshin’s cross scar, or the fact that the one who wears red will always be the leader in Masked Rider or other Sentai series? But aside from these characters, there are also others who had been iconic in their own rights and avoided being labeled as a nerd while wearing their eyewear proud.

The Squirtle Squad

The mischievous gang from the first season of Pokemon raised the bar of coolness in pokemon breeding by rocking out their signature sunglasses while causing mayhem during twelfth episode of the series. The gang was able to turn over a new leave at the end of the episode by helping put a stop to yet another one of Team Rocket’s evil plan to capture Pikachu. I know some of us still wished that the squad leader kept his sunglasses upon joining Ash’s team.


The villain who has defined bruteness, Toguro from Ghost Fighter wears his godly buffness and jeans with equally manly sunglasses. Who would have thought that there is soft side and emotionally scarring backstory behind those sunglasses?

Master Roshi

Or famously known as Master Buten from legendary series of Dragon Ball Z. The turtle geezer, who has shown Goku how to blast his problems away with a Kamehameha, displays his hermit-like facial hair with a matching sunglass. Although he has been labeled as a pervert throughout the series, he has trained Goku well.

Kiminobu Kogure

Probably the first entry in this list that actually gone through an eye checkup. Famous for his crucial three-pointer that lasted for 2 weeks’ worth of Slam Dunk episodes, Kiminobu Kogure was also known for his rounded eyeglasses frame. And, for most of us, there will never be a more fitting nickname for him than what Hanamichi has branded him: Boy Labo.

Kyōshirō Yūzuki

What’s a better match for an afro than a retro eyeglasses frame? Kyōshirō Yūzuki aka Edward Kramer of Daimos was the pilot of Galva XII. He spent most of the series arguing with Richard and stalling out gigantic monsters while waiting for the Daimos Tranzer finish its iconic transformation.

Conan Edogawa

The kid we all wanted to be from the series Detective Conan. This young detective has a microphone, a tracking device, and a telescope hidden in the frames of his eyeglasses which has helped him through difficult cases and criminal chases while concealing his identity. You’re welcome, Kogoro Mouri.

These are just some of the bespectacled characters that have turn from just a simple TV show into a companion that we shared our childhood with. Whose your favorite spectacled anime character?