EO-Executive Optical launches new convertor models from adidas eyewear
by EO Executive Optical | June 30, 2015 at 01:07am

By morning one way, by noon another—sport a different kind of cool with just a single pair of eyewear. Adidas introduces Convertor. You can modify the your eyewear’s positioning through its Converter Blades™ to up to 4 different styles in combinations of brooding colors to funky hues. The Converter Blades™ can be functionally rotated and click-locked so you can stay in calm in any chosen style.

The frames and temples are lightweight and durable on top of being fashionable; the fullrim models are made from non-allergenic SPX material with Performance Steel™ inlay that make for a flexible and shatterproof sense of class.

The Convertor models, like all Adidas eyewear collections, are designed and manufactured by Silhouette International, one of the leading designer and producer of eyewear based on Austria. The Convertor and other Adidas eyewear are available in EO- Executive Optical branches nationwide.