“Smart” Glasses
by EO Executive Optical | April 16, 2015 at 01:55am

In search of perfect specs, we usually mix and match eyeglasses frames and lens. Is this frame suits the shape of my face? Does the lens have anti-UV or anti-glare coating on its surface? Does this pair of sunglasses make me look cool? What color or tint will look nice with my outfit? Mundane questions that at the end of your eyewear quest, you will probably have a box full of it.

Why do we consider the questions above typical or ordinary? Because while we google the characteristics of a right eyewear, we’ve stumbled upon these interesting finds we’ve listed below:

User-enabled lens color switcher

A photochromic lens is not a new concept in the eyewear technology. It is a characteristic of the specs to switch between dark and light color. The problem lies on how long it changes to its other tint. A team of chemists in Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta developed a pair of sunglasses that could be changed in a second via a push of a button. Using electrochromic, a special kind of polymer, the color could be switched back thru an electrical impulse.

Auto-corrects the vision

This is designed for those with poor vision or gradually losing their vision. A breakthrough of the researchers at Oxford University, which has no name yet, invented smart glasses that help persons with limited vision to increase their awareness on their surroundings, particularly in terms of spatial awareness.

Style-customized lens and frames

It is still a patent but Samsung is not just aiming for the lens. The frame of the eye glasses could be modified as well using a smartphone. Soon, you will have limitless possibilities to match your eyewear with you attire. If successful, anyone could settle on single pair only.

Shades that tells you if you’ve lost them

Now, this is what you call smart. It is a pair of sunglasses created by Tzukuri that sends a notification – a persistent one – thru your iPhone in case you’ve lost them. Yep, it is the other way around, instead you finding them. The level of its smartness notched up because it is 100% made from recyclable materials and operated by solar cells.

The first two “smart glasses” still needs further improvement according to the stage of their development. The third is a concept and a patent as of now. While, Tzukuri’s smart sunglasses is already available in the market. Are you now tempted to own one of these in the future as it seems more convenient than buying a lot of pairs or losing one after the other? Whatever your specs preference is make sure it suits your personality and current eye condition.