Watching Pokemon and Photosensitive Epilepsy
by EO Executive Optical | March 26, 2015 at 02:44am

In December, 1997, at around dinner time, 700+ people, children mostly were rushed to hospitals after watching an episode of Pokemon. Pokemon Episode 38, entitled Computer Warrior Porygon, after 20 minutes of airing, was reported to be the program that the children were watching when they all of a sudden either went into a seizure or have lost consciousness. Others experienced nausea, loss of vision, and a small fraction of those who were affected got hospitalised for a couple of days to weeks and no, contact lenses for sale won’t help any.

This is a medical phenomenon known as photosensitivity and photosensitive epilepsy.  Photosensitive Epilepsy or PSE is seizures cause by exposure to harsh lighting in harsh colors and moving patterns, either by blinking or by physically moving. In the said episode, during the climax, a blast of bright red and blue alternately blinked on full screen. It was during this time that the children started to have seizures or pass out.

Television in itself has always been a common cause of PSE it was just that, during that time, a big majority of children were exposed to harsh rays of blinking lights all at the same time; children being more susceptible to seizures than adults. The episode in itself isn’t the only problem; those who had seizures may have epilepsy to begin with or are highly like to have epilepsy as they grow up—not everyone will have a seizure after watching the episode.

Your eyes have a greater influence on the body aside from vision. What other things do you think your eyes can trigger on other parts of your body?