Illusions aren’t Always Because of your Eyes—Here’s Why
by EO Executive Optical | March 27, 2015 at 02:12am

Before moving on with the article, and hopefully you haven’t moved on an inch below this paragraph yet, read quickly browse the image below and move on.

You know the saying: a bird you are already holding is better than taking a chance at two birds that are in a bush. But what if I told you that the gratifying part of the image above will reveal itself when you take another look at it.

Yup, there are two the’s on the image. How did some of you miss that? Well, don’t worry. You don’t need to get an eye check-up. It’s all part of your brain.

Most illusions that we search for on the net and go “ay, oo nga ‘no! (Wow, it sure is!” to are clustered under what are called cognitive illusions. They are illusions because of the things we know (thus cognitive). Minus the things we know, the illusions won’t work.

The photo above is the classic “Rabbit or Duck” illusion. What could be rabbit ears can also translate to what could be a duck beak. If by any chance, you don’t know what a rabbit is, all you’d see is a duck. There will be no rabbit thus there would be no illusion. It is because you know what a rabbit looks like that the illusion work—it all happens because you recognize it as a rabbit or a duck.

So if a kid that doesn’t recognize a lot of things sees a cognitive illusion, will the illusion still have an effect? What do you think?